13 Reasons To Adore The New Video By MADONNA “Ghosttown”

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After a long waiting, “Ghosttown” the second single from Rebel Heart by Madonna has a video. From 1 to 5 it deserves 5+. See the 13 reasons why this masterpiece is an instant classic:

1) Madonna returns with an epic video. The Emergency Signal on television at the beginning is a glorious idea;

2) The gothic and pos apocalyptic photography is breathless;

3) Madonna watching her mother`s photo must be one of the most touching moments in her entire career;

4) The presence of several animals, including a big fat hairy spider:

5) Madonna simply looks beautiful – The Ultimate Diva look is present from the beginning till the end;

6) Its similarities to the classic “Live To Tell” are present on the bridge ( the moment where there is no sound, only a scary wind ) that was created for this video;

7 ) The presence of Mr Lucious Lyon ( Terrence Howard ) increases the credibility of the entire project;

8) Madonna is inspired on some of the best Iconic Stevie Nicks styles;

9) Madonna`s teeth ( look closer );

10) The use of several pictures of “Rebel Heart” artwork being burnt is magnificent and genius;

11) Madonna and Terrence dancing the love and anger ritual;

12) The idea that Freddy Kruger may be around;

13) The talented Jonas Akerlund is the Director.

Watch the video HERE

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  • nefeli

    love the clip love the song !!!

  • James Zdenek

    this video is pure awesomeness!!!
    from first moment to the last.
    Madonna is stunning- there just is no other word……..okay I lied, maybe flawless.
    I love how the director brought you into that world and told a story from beginning to end. some of my favorite moments, of course when she kissed her mother’s picture, when she flicked the candle out with her fingertips. during the dance when they tossed her cloak into the camera. and of course the burning rebel heart posters. this video is beyond what I hoped for. there is only one Madonna

  • EDDY

    the little boy = Open your heart

    • True! I was going to talk about the boy…but didnt know why…now..i know..thanks Eddy

  • EDDY

    The Tango moment = Evita

  • Well, good point. Is it really the same? Anyone knows the answer?

  • Michael “Mickey” Sullivan

    LOL…her teeth are closer…LOLOLOLOL