• Thander Easton

    Where´s TONI CHILDS on this list?

    • Hello Thander. I think no one added her yet. You may do it, there is an option to do that! I confess i only know her by name. I am going to investigate more on her. Thank u.

      • Thander Easton

        HELLO, I´ve done already but it is not yet showing on the list. Well, Tori is a great American singer-songwriter. She blasted on music scenes back in 1989 with the hit “Don’t Walk Away”. She has been nominated to best rock female singer and lost to Tina Turner. My fav song is “House of Hope” from the movie Thelma & Louise. Since then she collected a number of very intense and visceral albums but with no publicity at all. The music business ignored her completely.

  • zunelander

    Why is Neneh Cherry #1? Would be nice to have reasons associated with the ranking. I think, it’s more so because more Neneh Cherry fans come to this page and vote. That’s, pretty much, the jist of it, I suppose:)

    • I dont think more Neneh Cherry come to this page, that really doesnt make sense. As a matter of fact…i guess we never posted anything on her!!!!

      • zunelander

        It makes more sense that fans of Neneh Cherry are voting for her, than non-fans. You don’t really have to post anything on her. If a Neneh Cherry fan heard about this ranking, they could simply come to the page and vote and vote and vote and vote, regardless if anything has ever been posted about her. At least, that’s what I say:)

        • I will probably count the likes to re arrange the list, lets see…

        • You have a point there, yes. But…the down votes change everything…

          • zunelander

            You’re right and I’ve downed a few myself, just to get my favorite diva of them all higher:)

          • I did the same…ooops:)

  • Trancedjboi1

    Madonna, Donna Summer, Lady Gaga & Cher should all be at the top.

    • They are all Divas yes. Well…Lady Gaga is still a potential one!!!

      • Trancedjboi1

        And what about Madonna the number one female recording artist of all time. She should be #!.

        • david cocas

          Well…..thats really my opinion too! I am really surprised with this fact!!!

        • Yes, she should. Do not know where her fans are….

        • zunelander

          But, this isn’t a list based on the best selling female artist of all time. It’s a popularity listed determined by any and everyone who takes the time to vote once or more.

          • Trancedjboi1

            Well then I guess it would be Madonna because she is extremely popular.

          • zunelander

            She may be extremely popular, but not here. Her fans are not showing up here voting for her again and again and again. If they are, they like other female singers too, adding to the popularity of other singers on the specific list.

          • Trancedjboi1

            Well I guess Madonna won. Thought she would be number 1. I am usually right when it comes to music. They don’t call me Dj for nothing.

          • david cocas

            Madonna did not win, unfortunately. I will close this poll soon. Will keep it for some days more, because it is receiving lots of votes again. let`s see what happens…

          • She is not Top one now…:(

        • Agreed!

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  • Tuga Nek

    My all time Diva is and always be Miss Céline Dion!!!

  • Tuga Nek

    I love Sharon!

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  • ViewerMale

    Wow, this is skewed badly. Firstly, there are too many unknowns on here, and way too many one hit wonders. There are also too many women that don’t even fit the DIVA description. Bjork? Obviously someone spent hours up voting her to prove some point. (I love her and find her immensely original and talented, but in NO way belongs anywhere near the Top 20. If at all.) Too many disco singers that had one hit don’t belong here. Too many singers that never made a dent in the U.S. Market, the largest, most important market for music.

    Then there’s the problem of the author’s own rules, or criteria for Divas. Easily half these women fail at all the criteria for inclusion.

    Then there’s the problem of omitting superstars of today. No Katy Perry, no Ariana Grande, no Siouxsie Sioux, no Nina Hagen, no Kelly Clarkson, no k.d. Lang, no Robyn, no Goldfrapp, no Sia, no Marie Fredricksen (Roxette), no Teri Nunn (Berlin), no Nicki Minaj, and if you’re going to allow gay male singers like RuPaul, then you have to include Elton John (HUGE Diva!)l Adam Lambert, Boy Geoerge, George Michael, Freddie Mercury, etc.

    Fun poll, but obviously put together by someone lacking some basic music knowledge. Paulina Rubio, while big in Latina markets, is virtually unknown in the States. She’d be lucky to rank near 200. So many other examples.

    I appreciate the effort, as I love lists like this, especially for one of my passions – DIVAS! Sorry, I loved Juice Newton back in the day, too, but she has no longevity or glamour, or drama or longevity. She was a blip on the musical landscape.

    Also, wrong picture for Christine McVie, as pointed out by another poster.

    Also, how do you add names?

    • First of all, thanks for the great contribution. There is only one thing i did not like, lol. “un poll, but obviously put together by someone lacking some basic music knowledge. “. It was me who created it and i guess i have some music knowledge. Thing is…it really is hard to define what a real music Diva is. The concept changes according to the person that is defining it, and all the ones i have read do the same! So, i decided to add some ladies, let others add others, and lets vote. The only way i can avoid this is being me the only one adding ladies, and not allowing others to do it. And its something i do not like. Thats why there is such a big mixture.
      Siouxie, Nina, Teri may be missing, yes. I do not think the new ladies can be called Divas, but P!nk is in the list, so…why not the others?
      I also do not agree with the rules referring only to the UAS market. Amália Rodrigues is a Diva in Portugal, but she has no chance in the USA! But..she is a REAL one! The same to other ladies, outside the USA: Mylene, Ayumi,, Mina, Gianna, Simone etc etc etc.
      You can add names at the right end of the list.
      Maybe i will start deleting names in the future, but by doing that, the Diva definition will be mine…only mine…:(

      • ViewerMale

        Thanks for the feedback. I did not intent to insult you on creating such a wonderfully diverse list. I just think other things should be taken into consideration regarding comprehensive catalogs vs one hit wonders. Or vocal ability. Sure, Gloria Gaynor made a classic song called I Will Survive, but her career didn’t survive, her song did. One hit wonders don’t belong on such an illustrious list. But it’s your list, so I defer to you, ultimately.

        May I ask why down votes are allowed? Someone is obviously using the voting process by down voting some artist by hundreds of votes! Hundreds! I’m guilty of doing it too, but use it only to put things in a more justified manner with a few down votes here and there. Not hundreds of times. I don’t understand someone spending days down voting Lady Gaga just because they may not like her. I personally love her and she is perhaps the only current artist that truly fits the Diva honors. This is just one example. The Bjork frenzy was weird. She’s amazing, but hasn’t proven her longevity. Her last 3-4 albums were practically unlistenable. She also never had mainstream success.

        I could go on, but I think my points were made. Please don’t misjudge me, I love your site and your list. I just think there is room for improvement.

        Thanks for doing this! It’s fun!

        • I guess we have similar points of view and similar taste in music, which is a good thing. I do not know you, but…if you wanna go further with an idea for the site…i am starting to feel it could be a good idea!
          The down votes arent chosen by me, its part of the ranker system. And it adds something to the 2game” , i guess. See the post i created on olivia newton-John. Her fans had discovered the technique of the down votes, they even created a 2poster”! 🙂

      • Tuga Nek

        Love U for that my friend!

  • zunelander

    The lady with the most versatile vocal presentation and mulit-genred music style is at #15. This is madness. Pure madness!!! 🙂

    • List changes every day. Who are u talking about? Now, Miss Annie Lennox is number 15…

      • zunelander

        None other than the versatile Donna Summer:)

        • Ok, Ok, Ok. Annie was a possibility too:) Just for curiosity, Joni Mitchell is at 15 now…

          • zunelander

            Yes. Constantly changing popularity:)

          • zunelander

            Annie is versatile, but only in genre, I’d say. Donna, probably, covered more genres than Annie and, vocally, she can sound different. Whereas, Annie’s voice is almost always recognizable. Not that it’s bad, but it’s less interesting to me, personally. I like Annie though. There are, probably, a lot of singers on the list that I’m not familiar with too. The poll is constantly changing in popularity.

          • Yes, i guess it depends on who is discovering it. And i like both ladies.

  • You may add them, Tony!

  • Erwan Brin

    And Mariah has always been described as a Diva -which is nothing but the truth to me-, why is she at #53 ??

    • Do not ask me, Erwan!

    • ViewerMale

      Probably because she has lost half her voice and can’t sing live anymore? Not to mention the quality of her music has been on a steady decline for the last 10 years.

    • #67 now, Erwan

  • Erwan Brin

    Yeahhhhhh ! Miss Whitney Houston is now #10 !!!! But Queen M is now #2… :/

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  • No one has added her yet, Bertha.

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  • zunelander

    Lists like this can be nothing more than a popularity contest, but they still can be fun to watch and participate in.

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  • koochie wilson

    I am confused about the rating system…this shows now that Donna Summer is #11 and @ #1 is some chick named Paulina Rubio….I’m I reading this right…?

    • Hello Koochie. Yes you were right at the time. But things have changed now. Madonna is number 1, yet Donna Summer remains at 11. Paulina Rubio, with Gloria Trevi and Thalia are the three most popular mexican female artists. I like the three, but…no status to be the number 1 diva, in my opinion. The rating system here, i think its a balance between the likes and dislikes.

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  • Michael “Mickey” Sullivan

    LOL..#3 Paulina who? And Janis Joplin is now a diva? LOLOLOL

  • Katherine Zimmermann


    • Hello Katherine! She is now 28. If u feel Debbie should be number 1…well, you know what you have to do! 🙂

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  • I love Debbie too…but Madonna and Tina are really in my heart….

  • freik0rps

    Unless you can properly sing an opera aria, you’re not a ‘diva’. That effectively reduces this list to one.

    • I am not sure if this is reducing the concept a bit, according to ancient patterns. Anyway…are you talking about Tarja?

      • freik0rps

        I’m talking about Sarah Brightman.

        • david cocas

          Yes, i was forgetting Sarah. So, we have at least two, with Tarja Turunen.

        • So, we have two:)

    • Danny Dandrea

      noun di·va ˈdē-və

      1: the main female singer in an opera company

      2: a famous and successful woman who is very attractive and fashionable; especially : an attractive and successful female performer or celebrity

      • So, i guess the opera aria is one definition…Number 2 welcomes some of the other ladies, right? :9

      • freik0rps

        No. 2 was tacked onto the definition decades after the word was in common usage. Contradictory multiple definitions of the same word create confusion. Is ( for example under definition No. 2 ) Kelly Ripa or Cindy Crawford a ‘diva’? Maria Callas might rightfully object.

        • david cocas

          They are two worlds that cannot be compared!

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  • I would like to have your opinion on this, please!

  • During this first month, our poll about The Best Diva Ever got 84 voters with a total of 2377 votes. Your Top 10 divas ever are for now:

    1) Donna Summer;
    2) Olivia Newton-John;
    3) Madonna:
    4) Kylie Minogue;
    5) Cher;
    6) Whitney Houston;
    7) Diana Ross;
    8) Annie Lennox;
    9) Bette Midler;
    10) Tina Turner

    I am proud to say that we have a really great audience already who knows the meaning of the word DIVA. There is no doubt that these ten ladies are always legends!

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  • davidcocas

    Ladies and Geltlemen…lets vote!!!!