CHER Celebrates The Power And Beauty That Is MADONNA – Is This Real?

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Social Media is publishing what you can read below. Apparently, Cher has posted the following on her Instagram:

I found it strange, mainly the beauty part. It makes no sense. But if this is real, congratulations to Cher. Because there is always a place in the legends pantheon. Good competition exists and its good.

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  • Jo

    The twitter message is a reference to Cher’s own song “Dov’è l’amore”.
    There’s a line in the song that goes like this:

    “There is no other, there is no other

    No other love can take your place

    or match the beauty of your face”

    Back in the days, Madonna aknowledged it was her (and Lola’s too) favourite song from the album and that she wanted to direct the video. Cher knew about this and regretted they couldn’t dind time to make this happen.

  • Michael “Mickey” Sullivan

    Hmmmm…they supposedly made up years ago.