DIANA ROSS and ADAM LAMBERT to sing together?

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There are rumours that Miss Diana Ross will sing with Adam Lambert on the new Chic`s album.

I just read this on several posts on Facebook:

Possible Duet On New CHIC Album: DIANA ROSS & ADAM LAMBERT
track recorded for the “diana” sessions for Diana Ross and possibly currently being re-recorded with Adam Lambert as a duet with Ms. Ross.
NILE’S tweet to ADAM LAMBERT: Soooo…we do know that Nile Rogers tweeted Adam Lambert a while back mentioning this possible collaboration..so we’ll see what happens!!! Just speculation now, but maybe………….

I couldn’t care less for Adam Lambert`s music, but this could be great for Miss Diana Ross, a legend in her own right. At the moment, she is classified as the 8th best music Diva ever on our site.

Just another hint. Follow this LINK

You can also read more about this rumours HERE

This is also talked on AdamOfficial. Is it a rumour?

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  • That’s a good political way to imply that all the other artists are trash compared to Adam Lambert.

  • disqus_JNr8cF1G9n

    IF, in fact, this were true and was going to happen.. IF Diana Ross being a Legend for years, wanted to sing with Adam. What does that say? It SAYS that he is pretty amazing and anyone that says they don’t like Adam as a singer can’t possibly appreciate or know a mega talented singer when they hear one. He’s the lead singer for Queen and anyone that has any taste or any knowledge of music would never disrespect Adam Lambert. And yeah. the idea that the writer of this article actually reads MJBLogs. it is NO SURPRISE what so ever that they would disrespect Adam.. because MJ and her fool followers wouldn’t know a great singer if one hit them right in the face.

    • rtland

      MJ is a professional writer and does great coverage for all Idols without insinuating her personal opinions. As for the commenters they have a right to their opinions. It’s called having a discussion. It would have been OK if this “writer” left the opinions to his readers but his tainted bias made him an amateur. This writer should actually spent more time at MJs and maybe learn how to cover a subject properly instead of being a wanker.

      • Everyone has the right to their opinions. That includes me. And i accept yours…it is written here, without censorship, right? Have a great weekend.

      • Jane

        nah if you think MJ is professional and unbiased you really don’t know what’s going on. LMAO She’s just some chick who is obsessed with reality tv and is the least objective blogger I’ve ever come across. She’s particularly famous for hating Adam Lambert and his fans for rather murky reasons that seem to be related to her being a big fan of Kris Allen & or that Cook guy and irrationally blaming Adam for their lack of success. She likes to pretend she’s objective but it doesn’t stand up under pressure. The last place anyone should go if looking for accurate, unbiased info about Adam Lambert is her blog.

    • I do not follow anyone, Miss or Mister 🙂 Thank you!

  • rtland

    There is no confirmation that this duet even happened. You could of written this article without including Adam Lambert. I noticed you go to Mjsbigblog so I’m not surprised you would use Adam Lambert’s name for clickbait only to trash him. Also no one cares about your own personal feelings. Next time try to keep it professional.

    • I guess the hater isn’t me. Thank you.
      If you do not care about my personal feelings…you know what to do!

  • Sherry

    Nile tweeted Adam Lambert recently concerning a duet with Diana and Adam. Other than that there is no confirmation. I see we have a hater on this article but that’s okay most don’t care to hear this trash from haters

    • Sherry, no hater at all. Am i given permission to dislike Adam Lamberts`music?

      • 6plus12

        Not what you said above – you didn’t “care about” HIM –

        • Bad choice of English. I care about all human beings. I do not care / like his music. Better this way.

          • 6plus12

            Well, then don’t bring his name up in a way to bring in hits – no one cares if you don’t like his music – your loss –

          • Diana Ross name brings hits here.

          • 6plus12

            Lambert brings more – which was apparently the idea of this whole nonsensical blog –

          • imrah

            Actually Adam’s name brought hits here..no disrespect to miss Ross but Adam brings hits..u know it..we know it…so lets not play games here. How many hits did u get on your articles without Adam’s name? I thought so.

          • Seeing ur activity on Disqus, i understand now your reaction. Face it, not everyone likes Adam Lambert`s music. Got it?

          • imrah

            Oh i know that, i get that..u could have written article in more professional manner by not mentioning what u dislike..article should be unbiased without personal feelings involved.

          • Professional manner? Says who? 🙂 The point here is just one: you can’t really accept that people have different opinions. Adam is not venerated by everyone. Just face it imrah:)

          • Lady, i am not a reporter nor a professional. And i do not intend to be. The site is all about feelings..ok? Thank u.

          • imrah

            But u care to write an article about Adam’s duet with Diana Ross. .smells like click bait to me..even MJ can’t help but write about Adam, she too loves clicks..moving on..bigger & better Adam news awaits.

          • Honestly, i had no idea Adam Lambert would bring hits. I have been doing this since 2009, and it never did. Maybe things are changing now. Good for him.

  • Michael “Mickey” Sullivan

    I’ve seen musical projects take years to come to fruition…Grace Jones Documentary Is finally getting ready to happen…what is it? About 6 years…LOL…Lets hope this happens. Thank you David…you rock!

    • It would be interesting, yes! And I swear I tried to like Adam Lambert`s music…but i don’t 🙁

  • Doggie Mom

    I guess you didn’t notice the date on the blog entry was May 16, 2012, and Nile was talking about the coincidence of seeing articles about them both in the same magazine, both mentioning songs on which Nile had worked. It has nothing to do with the new Chic album.

    • The notices i saw were on facebook today. Do not know when or when they were taken. As far as the Nile Rodgers blog, you are right.

  • Jane

    That “I do not care about AL” comment is rude, petty and unprofessional. It’s entirely possible to be happy for Dianna without disrespecting another musician, that’s something you learn when you grow up. If Adam wasn’t involved there wouldn’t be a story.

    • Hello, Jane. Maybe my English wasn’t the best one, i am sorry for that. I was trying to say that i do not like Adam`s music, that’s all. And i even have an album from him! And i think you are wrong about the last part. There are several people in this world that really care about Diana Ross. Let’s say that Diana can still have interest for herself only!

      • imrah

        Not as much as u got here by mentioning Adam’s name for sure.

    • 6plus12

      Agree – using Adam’s name as clickbait – otherwise, who would bother reading this piece of gossip lifted from someone else – pathetic –