MADONNA The 17 Confessions Demo Dream

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“Confessions On A Dancefloor” is considered by some to be Madonna`s best Album. I do not agree but yes, it is another masterpiece by the Diva. Enjoy this Album in 17 new steps. It is another vision of it.

1. Hung Up (First Concept)
2. Get Together (Demo)
3. Sorry (Demo Interlude)
4. Fighting Spirit (Final Version)
5. Let It Will Be (Mirwais First Concept)
6. History (Demo)
7. I Love New York (Rock Version)
8. Super Pop (Demo)
9. How High (Demo)
10. Triggering Your Sences (Demo)
11. Keep The Trance (Demo)
12. Superpop (Final Version)
13. History (Final Version)
14. Jump (Demo)
15. How High (Instrumental Bloodshy Demo)
16. Like It Or Not (Instrumental Bloodshy Demo)
17. Stellar Collision (Bloodshy & Avant Instrumental Demo)

Let’s gather at Madonna The Supreme Real Music Diva! A new Group Tribute To Madonna, with only 3 weeks old. But already one of the best Shrines to celebrate the love for Madonna, the legend.

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