MARIAH CAREY Weakness Of The Body (Unreleased 1986 Demo)

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There aren’t many Mariah Carey demos out there. This one is from the year 1986.It is funny because the sound of is the typical eighties one. And is it only me or Mariah doesn’t sound like Mariah at all?

Download MariahCareyWeaknessoftheBody1986.mp3 from

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  • MusicMovieLover

    Keeping in mind that at the time she cut this demo she was 15-16 years old and she was crushing it then :), I could tell it was her, she just sounds really young, that’s all, I agree with the previous post, a good remix would help.

    • Anyway, it is great to listen to these beginnings of the now famous artists, it is part of their history…

  • Michael “Mickey” Sullivan

    It doesn’t sound like Mariah Carey at first…then you can hear It Is her. And It’s not bad…needs a good remix.Thanks David!