PET SHOP BOYS “The Pop Kids” Climb From 49 to Number 1!

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This is great news and something rare nowadays. Veterans rarely achieve Top ones, unfortunately. Yet, the Pet Shop Boys have climbed from number 49 to number 1 with the new “The Pop Kids”!

This happened at the Official Physical Singles Chart Top 100 (Compiled by the Official Charts Company, the UK’s biggest physical singles of the week, counting sales of CDs, vinyl and other physical formats, across a seven day period).

This is deserved and another proof that this song is a true killer!

Click the LINK to see the full chart!

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  • Mats björkman

    A true killer? Is there even one? song from anyone in this chart that is in the official top 100? A majority of the entries are also rereleases from David Bowie and 1975… Almost noone is releasing physical copies today and noone is buying them apart from hardcore fans. I’d more say that this is the tragic evidence of the physical single’s death than anything to celebrate.

    • U have a point there. Unfortunately….physical Cds, etc are in extintion 🙁 It is so sad…

  • Michael “Mickey” Sullivan

    That’s some good movement…I don’t understand how it started as low as 49 though.