The 11 Best Music Divas Ever According To The Real Music Divas Readers

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TODAY Is 15 March 2016. We Will Finish This poll soon. LAST DAYS TO VOTE! Follow this link!

Madonna rules after having surpassed Donna Summer. One month ago, i had published our Top 10 music Divas ever. One month after, this poll almost went viral. Naturally, there were lots of changes. On this post, I am only referring to the Top 11. To see the full list and vote for it, please follow this link.

One month ago, we had a total of 84 voters with a total of 2377 votes.Now we register 2.452 voters with a total of 48.936 votes! Thank you so much to everyone. Divas or nor divas, the truth is that all these 11 ladies are all legendary! Now, let’s go to the present best music Divas ever:


Madonna is now regarded as the best Music Diva ever. She is 2 places up and the journey to be number one wasn’t easy. I can’t help myself but saying that this result really makes me happy. Madonna is my legend and she has always been part of my life. This past April 2015 was rich in Madonna news, so it really doesn’t surprise me the boost in her votes.


Miss Hot Legs was number 10 last month, which was more than unfair. Tina is my second best music Diva ever, so once again, I must give my applause to you all. Tina has been also a huge part of my life. I just wish she would return with a new album! I promise I won’t ask for a tour after it!


The Icelandic singer Bjork is surprisingly voted as the third best Music Diva ever! I really am not sure what to say. She is great, unique, but I am not sure if she fits the Diva concept! Bjork returned with a new Album which I am finding to be pretty boring.


Donna Summer, the so-called queen of Disco music. a title I consider to be reductive) is down from number 1 to number 4. It is still an impressive ranking to one of the best female voices ever.


The late and unique Janis Joplin is another surprise this month! If Bjork doesn’t fit the Diva concept, Janis was probably against it. I guess the Diva concept is really changing along the times. I welcome Janis to our Hall Of Fame, she deserves a place.


The talented dolly Parton enters the Top 11 at number 6. Dolly is probably one of the most prolific female artists in history and also one of the humblest. This is really deserved. I love to have some dolly here!


Another legend is now represented at number 7. I am talking about the voice behind “Gipsy” or “Talk To Me”, Stevie Nicks. She is unique, a complete star and she has an enormous talent. Stevie is one of my ladies too.


Diana Ross remains at the Top 10, going down one place. If there was no Diana, there would be no Beyonce, right? Diana should return with new music. I am desiring for a good dance album!


Legendary Ella Fitzgerald is welcomed at number 9, being the Top 1 as far as Jazz is concerned. It is an honour having her considered as the 9th Best Music Diva ever. I prefer Billie Holiday.


Aretha Franklin enters the Top 10, ranking at number 10. Along with tina Turner and Patti Labelle, she is considered the best female music singer alive. Aretha is Aretha. Point.

11) CHER

Cher ranks at number 11, going down from number 5. She is an icon and she will always be a part of all the Divas rankings.

Ladies that are out of the Top 10:

Olivia Newton-John – Down from number 2 to number 105

Kylie Minogue – Down from number 4 to number 88

Whitney Houston – Down from number 6 to number 13

Annie Lennox – Down from number 8 to number 26

Bette Midler – Down from number 9 to number 36

With the boost in votes this month, we ladies like Mylene Farmer, Belinda Carlisle, Tina Turner and Paulina rubio achieved the brief honour of being number 1.

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  • Thander Easton

    No way! Where´s Barbra Streisand and Kate Bush? Stevie Nicks and Donna Summer VIVA!

  • Eman Micallef

    madonna forever

    • david cocas

      Well….i do think so too…but it seems Madonna fans are not fighting for her….:(

    • MADONNA…forever…!

  • Justin Boo Ashley Minogue

    Kylie Minogue is and will always be number 1. Unlike Madonna she can sing live for a whole concert and sound amazing. Madonna does not deserve to be in the top 10 at all as she is tacky, disgraceful and not a great voice at all.

    • Robert

      Fact is kylie is not a world star, parts of the world have never heard of her like America for one. Also her biggest success was has a s.a.w puppet on the back of madonnas success back in the late 80s and to say madonna can’t sing live is total bull. She’s the only female to pull over a billion ticket sales her last three concerts are top five of all time, and kylie concerts are all copy of old madonnas , and I don’t want to bitch kylie because I like her too and she is a madonna fan too.

      • Is it really possible that people do not know her, Robert? Well…i saw her live here in lisbon, and it was only half full…

  • Sheila Castro

    I think so. She is Diva !!!

  • Kylie is rising now, She was once number 4! And Belinda was number 1 for a few days.

  • Sheila Castro

    Daniela Mercury. The best!!!

  • strausdavis

    I want Diana at the number 1, spot. She is the diva’s Diva. The first always… Ross the Boss…

  • D. Devine

    OK…when a one note singer like ol’ Madge is #1 and a powerhouse legend like Aretha Franklin and Annie Lennox are below, something is very wrong here. Clearly.

    • We cant compare them, you are right. But that doesn’t mean Madonna is below them…

  • The 11 Best Music Divas Ever According To The Real Music Divas Readers With Serious Mental Health Issues.

    • Lol, ok. This was funny, i admit. Good that there is still freedom of choice…

      • LOL, to be fair it’s impossible to ever publish any kind of list where everyone is happy.

  • Michael “Mickey” Sullivan

    OK…Diana Ross should be closer to the top…I love Janis Joplin…but c’mon she’s No Diva! And Donna Summer will always be #1 And Madonna as #1…with this new and successful LP/CD release, It’s no big surprise.

    • #130 on the Billboard 200 after 7 weeks. Just putting that out there.

      • Good that you are paying attention to Madonna! Yes!!!! is not a flop! Search for the articles that support what i am saying.

    • Good old Mike, yes, agreed!

  • Dino Galdamez

    Madonna, Aretha Franklin, Donna Summer & Tina Turner are Classic Divas … not doubts about it … great voices … great multiple hits … I miss Whitney there into the top 10 !

    • I am 100% with you, Dino!

    • Erwan Brin

      I think Whitney should be at #1, equal with Madonna, but I totally agree with you !