The Best Real Music Divas Ever – Final week! Let`s Fight For Your Divas!

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A year ago I selected Ranker as a means of selecting The Best Real Music Diva ever. Today, the poll has achieved 175.340 votes, 5.606 voters, 8.598 views and 237 divas on board.

The Best Real Music Divas Ever – VOTE HERE

Unfortunately, the ups and downs selections do not work as I thought they would. Given so, we have this ridiculous result today:

The Best Real Music Divas Ever – VOTE HERE

1) Neneh Cherry
2) Bjork
3) Lady Miss Kier
4) Janis Joplin
5) Jody Watley
6) Ella Fitzgerald
7) Katy Perry
8) Aretha Franklin
9) Robyn
10) Nina Simone

The Best Real Music Divas Ever – VOTE HERE

I will close this poll in a week, more precisely on 13 March 2016. Let`s fight for your Divas, till the final and definitive rank.

The Best Real Music Divas Ever – VOTE HERE

Next…we will start another competition, with different voting settings.

Thank you to all the voters.

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  • Joe Blow

    The term “diva” has more to do with personality than singing ability. I would say that the greatest divas are Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Diana Ross. Carly is NOT a diva.

  • Brito Júnior

    I only know Bjork and Katy Perry from that list…

  • Michael “Mickey” Sullivan

    Wow…Neneh Cherry Is #1…that’s not good…and the first real big time Diva doesn’t show up till #14…Diana Ross. I’m sure It will look more normal as soon as more people vote.

    • david cocas

      Unfortunately, nothing is changing. I will pay attention to the likes only….and will create the final list according to them…ignoring the dislikes…probably!

    • I will re rank the final result…paying only attention to the likes,,,