Watch MADONNA Kissing DRAKE at Coachella 2015

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Madonna has kissed Drake few hours ago at Coachella Festival while singing the classic ” Human Nature”. The queen haters are already commenting about her age, and that Drake was disgusted in receiving her kiss! Really guys?!

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  • Michael “Mickey” Sullivan

    You’re doing that HATE thing again Emmanuel…and you do it oh so well…very sad!

    • I was answering Emmanuel and only saw ur answer after. Yes…we both talk about Hate.

  • damn Madonna u r so desperate to attract the attention of young guys, but the harder she tries the stupid she looks. She coulda appeared in that festival years ago but she never did it so she shows up now that her last album is a failure and her career is on the downfall

    • This is awful Emmanuel, so much hate:(
      In case you don’t know, Madonna was on that festival, during the “confessions On A Dancefloor” era.
      And she doesn’t need to prove anything at this point. She always did these things. Madonna is Madonna. a legend. She is part of our culture. Her name will be in every pop books.