16 Reasons To Admire The New Video BY MADONNA “B!tch I`m Madonna”

1) I hate to write that from time to time, I really hate something that Madonna does. Now I have the guts to assume it, I guess it is part of getting older. I hate “Bitch I`m Madonna”, the third single taken from “Rebel Heart”. It is now tied with other two awful Maddie songs: ” I Love New York” and ” Superstar”. The new video achieved the impossible: Now I listen to the song in a different and more positive way, which is a big relief to me!;

2) The four little Madonnas at the beginning of the video are simply a delight!;

3) The first Madonna appearance on the video is astonishing. Madonna is Madonna, and her clothes are simply brilliant. Stop!;

4) Madonna is having fun and she does not care if others are bothered;

5) It is a fresh new and different video, which is perfect for the Summer season;

6) The video concept is completely different from ” Living For Love” and ” Ghosttown”;

7) That hot kiss that Maddie gives on the hunk…is it an ironic way to remind us of the “Drake Kiss”?;

8) All the colours are vibrant and at the same time full of life. Again, it is the perfect video to watch during the silly season. Gotcha!;

9) Besides the guest appearances of guest appearances of Nicki Minaj, Diplo, Rita Ora, Miley Cyrus, Jeremy Scott, Chris Rock, Alexander Wang, Jon Kortajarena it is perfect having Beyonce and Katy Perry saying “Bitch I`m Madonna”. These two ladies are bound to be real Divas in the future. This is a perfect tribute to their Queen and to their owm image. It is simple perfect;

10) “Ghosttown” contains a picture of Madonna`s mother. Now, she has her own sons, Rocco and David on the video. Once again, she insists in having her cherished ones ” Inside Of Her”;

11) The flashing Muppets are simply irresistible and it gets us in touch with our own childhood;

12) Madonna dances once more. And she is perfect;

13) Madonna kisses a lady in the mouth, while climbing the stairs to the bigger party;

14) The end is simply perfection. The music has a different ending than the original song, and the general view of the building gives the perfect feeling:

15) The video is an ode to life, to freedom, to love, to being different;

16) Ironically and paradoxically, this video makes us adore Madonna even more. Even if the song itself “Sucks” (Or..”Sucked”?).

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