13 Reasons To Adore The New Video By MADONNA “Ghosttown”

After a long waiting, “Ghosttown” the second single from Rebel Heart by Madonna has a video. From 1 to 5 it deserves 5+. See the 13 reasons why this masterpiece is an instant classic:

1) Madonna returns with an epic video. The Emergency Signal on television at the beginning is a glorious idea;

2) The gothic and pos apocalyptic photography is breathless;

3) Madonna watching her mother`s photo must be one of the most touching moments in her entire career;

4) The presence of several animals, including a big fat hairy spider:

5) Madonna simply looks beautiful – The Ultimate Diva look is present from the beginning till the end;

6) Its similarities to the classic “Live To Tell” are present on the bridge ( the moment where there is no sound, only a scary wind ) that was created for this video;

7 ) The presence of Mr Lucious Lyon ( Terrence Howard ) increases the credibility of the entire project;

8) Madonna is inspired on some of the best Iconic Stevie Nicks styles;

9) Madonna`s teeth ( look closer );

10) The use of several pictures of “Rebel Heart” artwork being burnt is magnificent and genius;

11) Madonna and Terrence dancing the love and anger ritual;

12) The idea that Freddy Kruger may be around;

13) The talented Jonas Akerlund is the Director.

Watch the video HERE

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