32 Reasons Why DONNA SUMMER Is Eternal

Artistic Name : Donna Summer

Real Name : LaDonna Adrian Gaines

Birth: December 31, 1948

Death: May 17, 2012

Age: 63

Studio Albums : 17

Singles: 89

Years Active: 1968โ€“2012

1) Donna was a great singer;
2) Donna was a wonderful person ( Inside);
3) Donna is considered the ultimate Queen of Disco;
4) Donna is a legend;
5) The existence of the song “I Feel Love”;
6) Donna is the original Seventies Queen;
7) Donna is The First Lady Of Love;
8) Donna inspired other fabulous Music Divas;

9) Besides knowing the art of singing, Donna was the owner of one of the best voices out there;
10) She was one of the first female superstars to broke down color lines;
11) The existence of The “Bad Girls” Album;
12) Donna was a campaigner for equality ( Black/White);
13) The existence of the fabulous “Sunset People” song;
14) Donna brings up memories of when we were younger and happy;
15) Her last Album, “Crayons” explored different sounds and styles;
16) Donna was Trendsetting;
17) Donna was stunningly beautiful ( Outside);
18) Donna was a loving and generous human being;
19) The existence of her Remixes with legend Giorgio Moroder;
20) Donna is eternally loved;
21) Her performance at the Nobel Peace Prize in Oslo 2009 was truly unforgettable;
22) Donna reigned the Charts in the seventies;
23) Donna had the voice of an angel;
24) Donna was a good business woman;
25) The existence of “Enough is Enought”, a duet with Diva Barbra Streisand;
26) She is the right reason to get up and dance;
27) Donna had Flawless Soul Vocals;
28) Donna`s version of MacArthur Park is timeless;
29) Donna was a pioneer as far as bringing sexuality to records;
30) Donna was magical at “Night Of The Proms” Tour;
31) Donna was one of the best as far as live concerts are concerned;
32) The artwork of “She Works Hard For The Money” Album and Single: Doesnt Donna look like the perfect waitress to satisfy all of your fantasies?!

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