A 31 Tribute Mixes To MADONNA Masterpiece “Rebel Heart”

Rebel Heart is the thirteen studio album by Diva Madonna and it really is a masterpiece. I have been listening to it in loop for several weeks and i usually dont do that.

This is a simple tribute to this masterpiece. I tried to select only good mixes and to get one for each of the tracks included in the album. As a bonus, I also included some mixes of the demos. Hope you like this. By the way, i tried to avoid those mixes that are only noise and poor Madonna voice trying to be heard. Enjoy. ~

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01 Living For Love (Jose Spinnin Cortes White Label Mix)
02 Devil Pray (Mike Emilio Remix)
03 Ghosttown (Special Effects Edit)
04 Unapologetic Bitch (Ta – Dah Remix)
05 Illuminati (Felipe Angel Remix)
06 B*tch I’m Madonna (Trillbo Swagginz Remix)
07 Hold Tight (Kass B remix)
08 Joan Of Arc (DiCaprio Bootleg Remix)
09 Feat. Willyan Well – ICONIC (Remix)
10 Heartbreak City (Ronen Mizrahi Club Mix )
11 Body Shop (Nighshift Edit)
12 Holy Water (Tommy Marcus Pvt Mash-Up)
13 Inside Out (bEWEGUNG DnB 2015 remix )
14 Wash all over me / Rain (Rebel Heart Tour concept demo)
15 Best Night (Maxim Andreev Nu Disco Mix)
16 Veni Vidi Vici (Vitalizer Trance Remix)
17 Erotica & S.E.X (Rebel Heart Medley 2015)
18 Messiah (Maxim Andreev Nu Disco Extended Mix)
19 Rebel heart (Dirty Pop Deconstruction)
20 Beautiful Scars (Demo Mix Edit)
21 Borrowed Time (EDM Party Mix)
22 Addicted (The One That Got Away) (Dudi Sharon club mix)
23 Back That Up (Do It) (Krug Rosé & Lemon Drops – M.D. Remix)
24 Revolution (Dance Up Tempo Remix)
25 Heaven (Dj Attila Atahan Remix)
26 Nothing Last Forever (Up-Beat Dubstep Remix)
27 Tragic Girl (Zicro Remix Version)
28 Alone With You (Demo Up Beat Version)
29 Trust No B!tch (miss Nina Minimal Mix)
30 Never Let U Go (dance with yourself mix)
31 Autotune Baby (Pitched)

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Madonna 31 Tribute Mixes To Rebel Heart The Masterpiece April 2015

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