ABBA New Megamix By MATT POP Is Already A Success

Abbarama is the name of the new Matt Pop Megamix. It is a piece of art with 28 ABBA tracks crammed into a 7-minute megamix. According to Matt:

Don’t expect to be singing along to entire choruses. Instead? Iconic intros, vocal snippets, guitar licks, piano riffs, synth sounds, all woven into something new entirely. It’s like a condensed ABBA quiz night.

Also, according to the artist, the megamix is the highest ranking track in the pop category on today, just a few hours after its release!

Congratulations. It is deserved!

Well, nothing gets people clicking faster than the promise of a free download, making my ABBARAMA mix the highest…

Posted by Matt Pop on Monday, February 29, 2016

Grab it HERE

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