From The Archives : ALISON MOYET Live And On Stage Series Volume 7 March 2010

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Originally published during March of 2010, this was the Volume 7 of a collection i created focusing on live performances. Hopefully, i will find the others. This includes some fabulous interpretations of the talented Alison Moyet.

Such a voice! It’s such a pity that Alison hasn’t the success she deserves! She is still singing, and making great music! And, repeat, “What a Voice!”. The first files are from a live concert that ocurred back in 1984! The sound is great. I tried to get the full concert, but i couldn´t!
01 ‘Love Resurrection’ 1984. Dominion Theatre
02 ‘Invisible’ 1984. Dominion Theatre
03 ‘What Becomes of the Broken Hearted’ 1984. Dominion Theatre
04 ‘Twisting the Knife’. Dominion Theatre
05 ‘All Cried Out’ 1984. Dominion Theatre
06 ‘Winter Kills’ 1984. Dominion Theatre
07 ‘That’s The Way Love Is’ 1984. Dominion Theatre
08 ‘Situation’ 1984. Dominion Theatre
09 ‘Don’t Go’ 1984. Dominion Theatre
10 ‘That Old Devil Called Love’ 1984. Dominion Theatre
11 2009 Venue Cymru – Whispering Your Name live
12 ORDINARY GIRL – Westbury. NY – 10_10_08
13 Live – Midnight…
14 live in Israel 5.3.10 part 1 – Footsteps
15 live in Israel 5.3.10 part 2 – Only you
16 live Situation
17 Don’t Go (Yazoo) – Live at G-A-Y Astoria 2007
18 Is This Love live
19 Rise live

Alison M Live And On Stage Series Volume 7

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