Archives: MADONNA The Pusher Mixes (2005)

Here it is a curiosity on Madonna. I made this collection with Pusher mixes, back in 2005. I remember he was starting to remix songs. So…this is only for fun because some of the remixes are completely out of tune. Let`s think of them as experiences…
Never heard of him again, do you?

All tracks are mixed by Pusher:

1) Like A Virgin 2) Vogue 3) The Beast Within 4) Erotica 5) Bye Bye Baby 6) Lament ( Completely out of tune…) 7) Ray Of Light 8) Dye Another Day 9) American Life 10) Hollywood 11) Love Profusion 12) Intervention ( Completely out of tune) 13) Mother And Father 14) X-Static Process ( So bad…) 15) Nothing Fails 16) Me Against The Music


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