DIANA ROSS and ADAM LAMBERT to sing together?

There are rumours that Miss Diana Ross will sing with Adam Lambert on the new Chic`s album.

I just read this on several posts on Facebook:

Possible Duet On New CHIC Album: DIANA ROSS & ADAM LAMBERT
track recorded for the “diana” sessions for Diana Ross and possibly currently being re-recorded with Adam Lambert as a duet with Ms. Ross.
NILE’S tweet to ADAM LAMBERT: Soooo…we do know that Nile Rogers tweeted Adam Lambert a while back mentioning this possible collaboration..so we’ll see what happens!!! Just speculation now, but maybe………….

I couldn’t care less for Adam Lambert`s music, but this could be great for Miss Diana Ross, a legend in her own right. At the moment, she is classified as the 8th best music Diva ever on our site.

Just another hint. Follow this LINK

You can also read more about this rumours HERE

This is also talked on AdamOfficial. Is it a rumour?

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