Drop Dead Diva – 8 Worst Fake Deaths

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I had the pleasure and honour of having this article published on the amazing StreetArticles site.

Drop “Alive” Diva

I had recently written two small articles concerning Lou Reed`s real death and Diana Ross fake`s one. This made me think to create a small research related to all those Divas who were supposed to be Drop Dead, but, thankfully they are alive and kicking.

Possible reasons to create a death rumor

Before using my search engines, I have to say I am trying to think of possible reasons why people do this. Four hypotheses came to my mind. They are trying to achieve their 15 minutes of fame. They are probably sadistic people, who take pleasure from others pain and suffering. They are trying to promote the artist, creating a fuss around the subject. They have marked psychopath traits, not worrying about their actions on other beings’ lives.

The Deaths

1) Lady Gaga was rumored to be dead in a car accident apparently, the rumor was spread on Twitter. She had other recurrent deaths.

2) Britney Spears was killed in a car accident too while she was on a drive with Justin Timberlake. It was one of the top emailed articles till it was confirmed otherwise. This confirms my first hypothesis: Promotion ( Of the rumor spreader, or the artist).

3) Rihanna supposedly died in an alcohol induced heart attack at her home recently.

4) Taylor Swift- She was a victim of the Twitter death hoax around the time that incident happened between her and Kanye West at the MTV Music Awards.

5) On January 2012, Kim Kardashian tweeted her condolences over Cher’s reported death.

6) In spring of the year 2012 Reba McEntire reportedly fell from a mountain to her death in a remote part of Austria. Her nephew was devastated by the news.

7) Mariah Carey reportedly died in her home on June 2012.

8) Celine Dion was recently a target too. The Diva was supposed to had perished in a car and airplane accident, respectively.

Male celebrities are usually more targeted

While researching, I found far more hoax deaths regarding female celebrities than male ones. I also discovered that causes of fake death are usually related to drugs and car accidents. I couldn’t locate any death by homicide, for example.

An interesting fact is that hoaxes about the death of a celebrity increase in frequency when genuine celebrity deaths occur. After Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both passed away, back in the year 2009, hoax reports emerged concerning the deaths of a number of celebrities. This also may reflect the worry of losing someone people love. People tend to create a fantasy world related to the loved celebrity, feeling in a pathological way, closer to the victim.

Pain, Loss, Suffering

I can’t finish this small essay without emphasizing that these rumors cause suffering and pain. It can affect people in a really harmful way. Please, never forget about this fact, if you are planning to create a death rumor about someone, celebrity or not. Aren’t we all happy that Gaga, Britney, Rihanna, Celine, Cher, Mariah, Reba and Taylor are still with us? Cheers to them!

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