Exclusive: 54 Reasons Why “True Blue” By MADONNA Is An Epic Masterpiece: 30 Years Later!

I love writing reasons and creating lists on important subjects. Yet, this time i decided to hear the readers and friends of one of the best Madonna Facebook Groups: Madonna The Supreme Real Music Diva.

The following 54 Reasons why “True Blue” by Madonna is a Masterpiece was created to celebrate its 30th anniversary and it has 17 authors/collaborators. You can see their names after reading our reasons:

1) It turned Madonna from a singer to a megastar;

2) It presented the public with her first big transformation in terms of image,;

3) produced five massive singles with iconic music videos to match;

4) Suddenly Madonna was everywhere and could finally dismiss the critics who called her a fad or a passing fancy;

5) It is an upbeat positive album;

6) clever songwriting;

7) Her collaboration with Pat Leonard became legendary;

8) It remains her biggest selling solo album to date;

9) True Blue is a masterpiece because “La Isla Bonita” was the Song that turned some mortals into maniacs/Fans;

10) Was an incredible and iconic innovation back in 1986;

11) Hit number 1 in 28 countries;

12) The hit singles like True Blue proved she was able to keep, as she does now,reinventing herself;

13) The Song True Blue was a very sweet girly tune showing Madonna having fun
and the beginning where she says “Hey”! ;

14) She had us at her feet..as always;

15) She wrote and produced this with the famous Stephen Bray;

16) The Look: her famous Red Lips,blue eye shadow and a flirty true blue outfit dancing in a 50’s style move;

17) Two music videos were created; a studio one and a fan-made version chosen after promoting fans on MTV to join in;

18) It was dedicated to Sean Penn whom she referred to at the time as the coolest guy in the universe This proved to be even more touching when she performed it in front of him at her Rebel Heart Tour;

19) True Blue is an album where her hard work and relentless focus did and continues to be paid off;

20) It is still kept ‘alive’ by her fans in the Madonna groups and the music producers and promoters like the real music divas etc;

21) It Captured Everyone’s Heart Beat;

22) “La Isla Bonita” is one of the most romantic song by Madonna that will always be Cherished;

23) Her talent will always be respected and admired and as a songwriter and we can only hope to emulate the ecstasy her music brings us all;

24) She started to be blonde for the 1st time in her career;

25) Marilyn Monroe was first brought to Madonna`s career with this Album;

26) She was consolidated with this album as a true WORLD DIVA;

27) She started to wrote the rules from here for how to do a mega concert:

28) It introduced us to Madonna as a versatile super talented Megastar;

29) It was a Madonna is in love album;

30) The videos introduced us to how imaginative and creative she is at taking us on an emotional journey;

31) It proved she has an amazing voice and can sing heart wrenching ballads;

32) It showed us what a great and creative dancer she is..that Papa Don’t Preach dance Madonna in a bustier segment is still amazing;

33) She created a masterpiece with this album that never ages..just like her…;

34) She showed the world how beautiful she is and how she can rock any hair colour, style or look and be stunning;

35) It proved to critics she wasn’t just a “flash in the pan!” It’s where she became worthy of Queen status;

36) Due to the “Open You Heart” video, a great dancer kid was touring in a crew of dancers for the 1st time and unique time in the history of Rock and pop world tours;

37) “La Isla Bonita” shown that Latin music can rock and pop not only in rhythms, but visually for a not foreign performer;

38) “TRUE BLUE” let the world know she was a serious artist not a one Album wonder and fade out ;

39) Every song in the album unique showing versatile range in style & that she has the special talent that will live on for decades to come;

40) It is a Timeless album,production,melodies,lyrics,social meaning,influence in pop generally,and of course,love!;

41) It is relatable and personal. The majority of the songs are the story of lots of fans`lives;

42) “Papa Don’t Preach”: There were many times listeners wished they could have told his dads, “Papa Don’t Preach!” ;

43) “Open Your Heart” was special because we all had our share of unrequited crushes;

44) “White Heat” teaches us to be assertive, stand up for ourselves and set our boundaries in love relationships;

45) “Live To Tell” relates with our lives and all the tales we have to tell;

46) “Where’s The Party” is very liberating and gives us permission to be ourselves and be free. It makes us want to free our souls and lose control;

47) “True Blue” and “La Isla Bonita” reflect the romantic side/part of each one of us;

48) “Love Makes The World Go Round” expresses our ideals for a better world with peace, love and social justice with kindness;

49) It shows her musical, lyrical maturity and versatility as an artist;

50) The videos that accompanied the singles are the perfect expressions of the songs. They reflect the songs’ moods and lyrics very well;

51) “Who’s That Girl World Tour” that promoted and supported this album showed the world that she is a world class performer, singer and entertainer at an iconic level and status. It showed the world that she is an entertainer at Michael Jackson’s level of moving the masses but she turned out to be in a league of her own;

52) “Open your heart” was and still is a Video fans could easily try and do/imitate;

53) It is something that can be appreciated by everyone and stands the test of time. The song “True Blue” can do both. It will always be relevant and can be sung by any person. It’s a fun melody but is still serious;

54) The bridge in “Love Makes The World Go Round”: “Don’t judge a man til you’ve been standing in his shoes. You know that they are so quick to look away cuz it’s the easy thing to do. You know that what I say is true.”

Adrian Labat
Alan Bennett Ilagan
Brian Sterling
Christopher Hanlon Sydney
David Cocas
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David Nolan
Lo Lee
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Norbert Cilia
Marco Murach
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