EXCLUSIVE : 70 Reactions to MEDELLIN , The New Single By MADONNA with MALUMA

Madonna is the Queen, and she is taking care of her kingdom.

MadameX is the name of her 14th Album. The lead single is MEDELLIN, with Maluma. On this Exclisive compilation, you may find some mixed reactions to the new song.

Like it or not, it is already numner 1 in 15 countries, according to the Itunes singles Chart.

Exclusive of this site and MADONNA The Supreme Real Music Diva!


Karl Barrett I didn’t like it the first time. BUT after listening a few times now I LOVE it!. The production is amazing!

Ian Taylor It’ll grow on me. Not a “OMG! This is AMAZING!” track but good. Reminds me of her before she started chasing trends with her more recent albums. I don’t expect her to wow me every time out the gate but I want her to be true to who she is as an artist, not chase trends and work with whomever is hot at the moment. She used to create trends but then switched to chasing them around the Hard Candy era. While I have liked most of her stuff since then, I’ve felt chasing trends, working with the hot artist at the time (like Nicki Minaj) was beneath her. She has nothing to prove at this stage of her career.

Patrick Agel I have mixed feelings. It didn’t really hit me at first. Sure, she wanted to make something new. But I remember when “Hung Up” was released. I loved it from the first note. But this song to me is kinda the opposite. Maybe it will grow.

Lores Hasani It’s a fun song.

Peter Barth Jun Love it and that sexy Beat 😍

Eli Soto Tropical sounds… beats… yes yes yes. Very nice song.

Daniel Matthews disappointed it will be a flop, i like it but its not something you can play on the dance floor.

Niki Valentine It’s ok but imo it wouldn’t be my choice for the first single.

Amy John I like it but I’m not blown away by it and I don’t see it being a big radio hit. I have just been disappointed by her last 3 albums compared to her older ones and really, really want to like this one more.

Linda Holmes Underwhelming and generic like a pitbull song with a famous female artist. Sorry I can’t pretend to love it
Peter Clarkson I’m a huge Madonna fan and I hate this song. Probably because I hate reggaeton. Hopefully the rest of the album won’t sound anything like this 🤞
Francesco Rognone Maybe without Maluma sounds better.
Dielise Robles Madonna fans live in the past LMFAO They are NEVER happy, I feel so bad for her. It’s weak for a lead single but it’s not bad. If you don’t like..move on, and go listen to Immaculate collection.
Angela Restrepo Me encantas Madonna.Medellin es el nombre de mi ciudad natal
Uwe Brandt I like it very much. It sounds like a perfect Summer Song.
Well the parts of Maluma could have been a little less.
And the one two Cha Cha is a little too much.
But all in all I like it very much. Madonna s Vocals are great
Steven Yany Love it. Perfect summer song and VERY radio friendly!
Ricardo Rojas This is a new concept ,for her ,i like the sounds, she always change her style, we never see the past, i like the song.
Aaron Paul Definitely going to be a success! It’s a fun beat, and will have lots of international appeal.
Richard Beggs Utter garbage. Her voice sounds good but the song is awful.
Charmaine Stone It’s a grower her voice sounds amazing I know more I listen to it the more I’ll love it 😍
David Halpin I love it the song grows on you very catchy
Arnoldo Gutierrez The song is slow, it’s not what I was expecting… I wanted something dark that match the art and concept of the album But it’s not a bad song. I don’t like Maluma at all, I think is a really low move for her.
It’s not a bad song.
On the other hand. Madonna’s fans are really mean and bad supporters, I’ve seen another fanbases supporting the artist no matter what trash they do but always supportive. So let’s move on, if you don’t like it, let it go, if you like it go and keep playing the song. Let’s make it a Trent #Madame

Jose Perez Love ❤️ it sound fresh and young

Marky Bleachie Sooooooo amazing as always she never let’s me down love M 💙

Wayne Jones Good song think it will grow on me more

Eddie Corronado Love the chorus…like it overall

Franz Taljaard I dont like it, but maybe it will grow on me, I HOPE SO! But I know it must be very hard to be original for 4 decades! I like the verses, but NOT THE CHORUS! Any Medellin remixes? MAY MADONNA LIVE FOREVER! The song is different, but we like different! That’s why she is the queen of REINVENTION!!

Mark Hurrell Needs a few more listens but I do like it…wish she didnt use that auto tune on her voice xxxx

Jorge Espinosa I’m in love!

Jay Hambleton Not best lead single she’s ever done but I’m about 7 listens in now and it’s really growing on me!
I think once we see the video alongside it, it’ll be even better!
I’m just glad she’s still around making us music!

David Cocas Love the cha cha cha. Less Maluma, please!Damn, cant stop listening to it!!!!Slow down Papi

David Mann Disappointed!!

Steve Carr Will be huge in Latin countries. America, not so much.

Frank Chambers Easy breezy, Effortless. Summer sun with a Corona in hand 🙂

Noe Godinez Palomino Jr. Liking it so far. Keeps growing on me. Ready to here it a a bar or club this weekend in L.A. Bring on the remixes!

Shannon Skorb Kay One, two, Idk…..sounds like a grower!

Brad O’Leary My first impression is blah. Does nothing for me but on repeat listens it might grow on me. Just a letdown for the first single of a new album after so long waiting.

Viktor Franco Love! Love! Love it! Quit being such haters.

Pablo Mach I like it like! Like lots of M songs I love it more with several listenings. But thé sound is new and original!

Hektor JC Gusha I dig it! Nice! It’ll be number one worldwide
Stephen Dodds Love it. There’s so much potential for amazing mixes. The production is brilliant. Crystal clear vocals making it feel pure like ROL era but adding in the Latin vibe that she’s been famous for for so long. It’s a new sound for her – real cool summer vibe. My favourite lead single for a long time. She’s doing a sound she loves.
Kev Davies It will be a summer smash great song love it well worth the wait tbh
Can’t wait for Madame X to drop on 24th
Craig Richardson I like it, definitely a holiday song in the sun
Pablo E Briceno 12 12 cha cha cha. Love it
Jorge Manuel Pires Alves I like… Smart girl… The Queen

Magnus Dean I’m not a huge fan of Reggaeton, but…

Catchy AF!!!
L❤️VE IT!!!

Ben Schat Omg!its amazing!
Brian Stanford-Schmidt luv . melody stuk n noggin🖤
Moises Rodrigues It wasn’t love at first sight… To tell the truth it was the first single that I didn’t like when first listenning… Maybe I will get use to it…🤔
Britney Pop It is a very complex song. Her vocals are her best. I truly think it is going to age much better than ROL
Nick Jones I love it! I think it’s something fresh & exciting and I even think that Maluma’s parts bring such a great energy to it. The lyrics are very introspective ❤️
Fabrizio Canepa Finally a hit ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Cha Cha Cha👠👠👠
Paul Mather Its great but I agree he has too much of him on it. It’s also gonna be a huge grower as it’s one if those tracks that gets better and better
And soooooo catchy. Cha cha cha.
Don Hair I love it..been doing a salsa in the kitchen. Haters just gonna hate..just get up and cha cha cha
Craig Baker It’s a breath of fresh air, fun and a good feel too. Embrace change!!!
Jason Lawrence At first I wasn’t quite sure, but it’s been on repeat for hours – I love it
Susana Lopes-Snarey Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it!! She said she didnt want her music to sound like the repetitive generic uninspiring music thats out there. And madonna has suceeded. Shes doing it her way and expressing herself the way she wants to. So excited for this era!!!
Robert Guzmán Madonna is secure enough that she can give someone else more of a spotlight. Who else would do that? She is amazing and the song is great.
Josh Iacona You have to listen to it several times all the way through and it will get remixed like crazy in the clubs and dj friends…then everyone will love it. As for the no talented haters look in the mirror there is who you hate
Lamar Hinojosa Ok! ….Truth it could have been more catchy!…Still good but even if it was a bomb ass song….They still would not play it on the radio!…Cuz radio is a bunch of sell outs!
Carpenter Chas 11 plays so far, I can see myself dancing in a club or on beach, tropical. It’s here, its hip, it’s happening! M has given us some new art and sound and music, cuz music makes the people come together.
Gerald Sy Ta But listened full blast….now since it is morning here….. I kinda like it on The second listen!!!! It is sensual…… 1 2 cha cha chaaaa
Jean Carlos Ruiz Everyone will be dancing to it by pride 💁🏼‍♀️💅🏻😎🤷🏻‍♂️ the power of M&M
Antony Aresti lts fantastic great song,Madonna goes on and on forever x
Tim Power This is all part of a plan friends. Frozen set a scene for Ray of Light – it was a brave strategic move to choose that as the lead over Ray of Light. I am thinking this track is part of a broader game plan. This is a tease, a sampler, a track to set a tone – a tone of thoughtful story telling. She didn’t want her new album to sound like the mainstream – mission accomplished so far. This reminds me of a track off Music. A bit like Impressive Instant or even the final track off Ray of Light. This album is a journey album for sure – and this track is just the starting point. Hold tight, I think we r all in for a treat – a Madonna hosted trip around the globe, sampling exotic fruits along the way. Forget the show off tracks – she’s abandoned them – we r going to receive something meaningful thank God.
Alexander Steib-Kirca ❤️ it… it took two or three times, but I ❤️ it! Pre ordered EVERYTHING 😂🖤
Timothy Andrew It’s refreshing, catchy and stylish.
Brandon Carrington Love it. makes me want to dance with a latin lover on the beach
Mez Joseph I love her, love the song – hate the auto tune. Mirwais isn’t my favorite producer. Her voice a beautiful. I don’t understand why he always uses it. The track has a nice beat and is an unexpected turn on her part. Excited for the album, but praying it’s not auto tuned to death. 🙏💕




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