EXCLUSIVE: A Special Interview With The Crafted C-DUB

C-Dub was our first Dj of the week.

We are releasing a special and exclusive interview with him.

George Galindo and Mary Clarke created this precious moment:

Who were the people whom have influence you to DJ/Remixer/Producer?
(Like from every day people to artists here and gone)

ANSWER: To be honest, it really hasn’t been anyone specific. Growing up listening to so many different artists and groups, if it’s something that sounds appealing and interesting in some way, then I enjoy looking at their back catalog of material and seeing if there’s anything else I might enjoy. I think it’s just having such a love for music in general that has been the most inspiring to work on remixes and also original material. Being creative, and having it appreciated by others has been the icing on the cake!

Who is your favorite Diva, what’s your favorite song & why on both?

ANSWER: That’s a tough question. Really tough! It would have to be an equal split between Madonna and Janet. My favorite Madonna song is “Where’s The Party”. LOVE IT! I consider it the 6th single from “True Blue” that never was. I was SO upset when it didn’t happen, because I thought it deserved to be. But then “Who’s That Girl” came out, and the rest is history. For Janet, my favorite song has always been “The Pleasure Principle”, especially the Shep Pettibone 12” remixes. Very underrated song, and should have done better chartwise. But oh well. I remember getting the cassette for “Control” when it came out for Christmas, and playing it so much that the print wore off of side two! I still have that tape to this day….lol!

Which artist or Diva you would walk in their shoes/pumps for one day deceased or alive?

ANSWER: Probably none. Many of them have had difficult lives in one way or another, so I think I’m quite okay with just admiring their talents and respecting them for their strength in just surviving each day like the rest of us.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your start and any upcoming further work ahead of us?

ANSWER: Well, I’ve always been immersed in music in one form or another all of my life. It has been the one thing that has always given me the most joy, allowed me to develop my abilities as a singer, producer, remixer, etc., and provided me with a creative outlet that I’ve connected with more than I ever thought possible. It’s provided me with a comfort that I honestly wish I could find in people. I actually started doing remixes around 1998 using a Yamaha multitrack cassette recorder and a minidisc recorder. I cringe now at some of those early mixes! But we all have to start somewhere, right?

Now, I do most of my work using computer programs. I’ve come a long way, but still have a long way to go. I learn and develop with each project. I’m happy with how far I’ve come down that road. We’ll see where it all goes next. As far as upcoming work, I’m currently putting the finishing touches on some new Dolly Parton and Kim Wilde remixes. Trying also to figure out what the next Madonna project I do will be, also there’s some other stuff in planning stages as well. I hope to do some music collaborations someday too. So, we shall see what happens!

We are specially proud of you with some of new fantastic creations especially with our personal favorite Queen Of POP, Madonna.

ANSWER: Thank you so much for that, I truly do appreciate all of the support and appreciation!

Did you bring us some new music for us to do an exclusive right here right now?

ANSWER: I wish I could say that I have, but as I mentioned before, they are just about completed and ready to go. I will be more than happy to let you know when it’s go time on both and share with you!


1. Can I ask do you still plan to share your music in new ways moving forward?
Didn’t you consider the option of putting some new music on cassette tapes (which if so, would be great…look at Kylie’s new album; her cassette versions are a huge hit)?

ANSWER: You know something? The current vinyl revival has been amazing, and even more surprising has been the cassette revival! I never expected to see that, but it’s great. It’s nice to see all of that going on. It honestly has inspired me to work more on different promotional ideas for projects, and seeing what comes to life. Cassettes are something that I’m definitely giving some thought towards as well.

2.You collaborated in Remixers United 8 for Donny O’Bryan Remixers United Productions feat. Madonna – Did you enjoy being a part of that project and is this something you see yourself as being involved in again?

ANSWER: It was definitely an honor to be asked to be a part of that particular project, as it is every time I am asked to contribute to something new and creative. I think that what I offered though unfortunately got buried quite a bit amongst all of the other contributions from others on RU8. I guess that happens sometimes, but it’s okay. You either have to be able to rise to the top, or you don’t in those scenarios. I don’t think it was the right project for me to be involved with in the end, quite honestly. Would I do it again? Possibly. I will say that I am picking and choosing what I say yes to a lot more closely now for various reasons.

3. Fabulous. Which Artist would you love to Remix that you haven’t already?

ANSWER: That’s a good question. Maybe Kristine W? I think that would be awesome. I’m sure there’s others if I really thought about it. I’m always open to possibilities if the artist or material is interesting.

4. That’s really interesting. Can you tell us a little about what you do in your personal life?

ANSWER: Not as much as I would like, believe me. There’s so much that’s much more fun or enjoyable with others who want to be part of those experiences with you. That tends to be in short supply for some strange reason. But once in a while, the opportunities present themselves. I do enjoy doing karaoke, taking walks when it’s a beautiful day outside, going out for a bite to eat at someplace new or at a favorite restaurant of mine. It just depends. I think if certain things were different in my life, then it would be quite different. I look forward to that!

We applaud you and congratulations on becoming our first
Thank you so very much from all of us
We all love you here at
The Real Music Divas -MIML Team

ANSWER: Thank you as well. The feeling is mutual!

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