Exclusive: BOY GEORGE “The Author Mixes”

“The Author Mixes” is a project created by me (selection of the tracks) and TvSeries (artwork) back in 2010. It was created as a tribute to Boy George.It really feels great to remember those days!

boy george the author f

This Boy George project had huge success. It is now available again.

I couldn’t find the back cover. I will add it here, if i find it.

01 ft Ana Lains Amazing Grace (Marc Vedo Mix)
02 Bow down Mister Sitari Bizazari Mix
03 Crying game (Leo Flawless mix)
04 Yes we can (WEN!NG’S V-Gospel Mix)
05 Love is Leaving (DJ Molella. molly NRG mix)
06 Why Go (Dj Urbanelectro Reversion Remix 2010)
07 Same Thing In Reverse (303 Is Big Enough For Me Mix)
08 Everything I Own (Pop Walk Mix)
09 It’s A Miracle (Ronando’s Extended Dance Mix)
12 Generations Of Love (DJ Dove’s True 2 Form Vox Remix)
13 Time (Clock of the Heart) Turbo Disco Mix
14 Yes We Can (edit) vs The War Song
15 BoyGeorge vs George Michael ‘Outside Time’

Boy G The Author Mixes Volume 1 May 2010

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