Exclusive: DONNA SUMMER “Always” – Celebrating LA Donna`s Life

Music Is My Life – Divas And Other Beings is proud to release this exclusive and precious tribute to Queen Donna Summer.

Created by Driekus Chaterlain:

Finaly today is the day that Michael Sullivan and i proudly present the 7th edition of the Always series..”Always Donna Summer”
I want to thank Michael Sullivan for all the remixes he send my way..
It has been a while first wanted it to release in November last year but with all stuff was going on in my life i did not made that date as you all know 🙂

First wanted to make a 4 cd album then a 6cd album and now the final result is 2 albums both have 4 cd’s..

So have a great listen to one of the most amazing artist we had the one and only Queen of Disco Donna Summer.
Lets remember her today that 6 years ago she died of cancer. The cancer she got from 9/11 because at the time she had a appartement near those buildings..

LaDonna You will never be forgotten….

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