Exclusive: GeeJay2001 Interview; Passion, Music, Love, Talent, The Human Being

Music is Love, Love is Life, Life is wonderful

GeeJay2001, Aka The King Of The Diana Ross Remix; Or The Ross Wizard are caring names given to the great GeeJay2001. Be he is much more than that. Much more than Diana Ross or his love for her,

GeeJay2001 brings his sensitivity to his work. He works with passion and every piece created by him is truly a labour of love!

All his Mash Ups , remixes are perfect. Diana Ross related or not. All the photos created are perfect and diferent!

George Galindo and Mary Clarke brought the best of Gerd in this magnificent interview, with a small, really small help from Michael Sullivan and Myself.

Sit down, and relax!

The world is full of bad things!

Lets love and be inspired by GeeJay2001:

George: Hello Gerd & Mary,
I am happily honored & excited to do this interview with you both.
Thank you Gerd for taking time out of your schedule for meeting with us on this virtual universal couch.

First of all, Congratulations on becoming our #djoftheweek.

We have 8 questions for you in total:-
2 from me your Sexy Gg, 4 from our special Beautiful Lady Princess Mary, 1 from the Marvellous Music Emperor Michael & 1 from Our incredible Fearless Leader David.
So here we go:-

George:You have been a true loving staple to our group and we have become best of friends through this wonderful realm of Music Is My Life: Music Divas & Other Beings.
As I can remember meeting you, I have had this powerful loving jolt inside of me as you lay your heart & soul in your remixes and mashups.
My first question is what & who has inspired you from past & present people from every day walks of life to your Divas you have touched with your talents?

**GERD :I’ve always been and still am inspired by the music I love and the people I really like. It makes me happy when they like my mixes. I prefer giving than taking.

George: Thank You.

My second question for you is how do you come up with the instrumentals combining with the vocals and putting your special “bangin” touches to each of your creations?

**GERD: It started early when I combined songs from the radio via Stop And Go on my first tape recorder. I hated it when the presenters talked into the songs. I’ve also been a fan of the looooong versions on Super Sound Single Vinyls. I tried this on my own and now it’s an addiction.

Millie Jackson – You must have known I needed love (GeeJay2001 extended album edit) by GeeJay2001 on House-Mixes.com

George: Awesome. And now onto our Princess Lady Mary:

Mary: Hahaha ..makes me giggle how they all call me that.
Right, well…hello our Dearest Gerd. I have been extremely giddy about talking to you. I remember very well the day I met you. Surprisingly it was through posting STICKERS and EMOJI’S on a post here in MIML. ( I think it was Michael OSullivan’s ).
Anyway, it went on and on but hey how cool cos it brought me to meet and appreciate an amazing, talented Remixer like yourself.

Mary: So, my first question.to ask is what are you currently working on?

**GERD: I am currently working on a Madonna mix 🙂

Mary: Ooh my favorite. Can’t wait.

So, I thought it was very nice that you recently dedicated a Petshop Boy mix to George and Michael Sullivan. I know you are very close to all 4 of the Boys in MIML, George, Michael, David and Adrián.
Have you guys been friends a long time and how did you meet?

**GERD: We met via my old Soundcloud, but SC finally kicked me out after posting about 250 mixes. Michael always supported me in any way he could. His encouragement is priceless.!
Then we continued on Facebook and he introduced me to my Sexy Gg if I remember well. George is such a kind and encouraging guy too. To know both sweethearts is to love them. Two hearts of gold. But all is just the beginning of a big and endless love.

Grace Jones – Storm (GeeJay2001 hurricane bass dance mix) by GeeJay2001 on House-Mixes.com

Mary: Cool. You do a wide variety of music for different artists. Who is your favorite artist; and Why?

**GERD: Of course it’s Diana Ross.
As my mother told me, I have already been “dancing” from the age of 4 or 5 to the Supremes “Stop! In The Name of Love” I still remember our old radio.
Diana Ross’s solo music accompanied me in bad and good times and I will never get tired of listening to and working with her music. Life without her music is possible, but useless!

Mary: Thanks. I see you will be onboard for the Madonna Summer Fever 3 this year, with Donny OBryan & his Team in Remixers United Productions feat. Madonna?
Can you tell us a little about what you have in mind for that?
And also, how was it being a part of his RU8 (Remixers United 8) last Christmas?

**GERD: It should be a Madonna Megamix, but I will just upload it when I really like it myself.
Working with Donny and his team was very nice. It made me feel grateful when they asked me to contribute a mix and when I like people I love to support them in any way I can.

Mary: Brilliant. So Gerd, what do you do in your spare time?

**GERD: In my spare time I love to be with my friends, working in my garden, decorating my house and collecting any kind of Diana Ross stuff.
Mary: Great.

George: Wow. Well now I have David’s Question for you:-
Hello Gerd, the ‘King Of The Diana Ross Remix’ and the ‘Ross Wizard’ are two expressions associated to you.
Can you please explain a bit more?

**GERD: Here we should ask the two creators of these nicknames. But it makes me grateful when they have this impression. Their creativity shows me that both are kind and loving people and that they really care.

Madonna – Justify My Erotica (GeeJay2001 mashup) by GeeJay2001 on House-Mixes.com

George: Thank You. And last but not least, Michael’s question for you is:-
Has music always been in your Soul?

**GERD: Music has always been in my soul, my heart, my brain and all the rest of my body and that’s how it will forever be.
Music is Love, Love is Life, Life is wonderful.

George: Well, this concludes our glamorous interview with you.
We all love you & are happy to call you a very good close friend of ours.
On behalf of all of us we are very honored & grateful to have you as a big part of us here at MIML: Music Divas & Other Beings.

Thanks To George And Mary for the wonderful job!

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In introduction, i said that GeeJay2001 creates magical images too. Below, just admire a small sample:

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