Exclusive: MADONNA Breathless Evita

I have been doing this for several years now. Even before The Real Music Divas (2009), i had the urge to create tributes to my favourite singers. I also was lucky enough to have lots of new friends supporting me, mainly referring and sending news and also creating artworks for the new unofficial projects. Some of them are published in the Exclusive Section. Yet, others were simply forgotten or are lost.

From time to time, I have the surprise of seeing some of them surfacing the web once more. Sad to see also that some are being sold, and that is a shame!

Adrian Labat was the artist that supported me the most. We had created amazing stuff together. I remember creating tributes to Madonna ( The Impressive Mixes, The Others, The Forgotten, My Life, The Voyage, Saint Ken Tribute, Dita Parlo Mixing, The Devil Mixes, etc ), Boy George, Tina Turner, Sandra, George Michael, Beyonce, Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys…).

I have been trying to gather everything again, but it has not been easy.

Today, Driekus Chatelain rediscovered this Breathless Evita Ep, created ten years ago, with Adrian. Strangely, i have now checked it, and I even have a physical copy of it! How could I have forgotten this?!

Thanks, Adrian, Thanks, Driekus. Thanks everyone for the privilege.





Madonna – Breathless Evita EP

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