Exclusive: MADONNA The Art Series Volume 1 ” Hard Candy”


“The Art Series” is a collection of four volumes dedicated to four Madonna Albums: ” Hard Candy”; ” Erotica”; “Bedtime Stories” and “Confessions On A Dancefloor”. The selection of the mixes was mine; the artworks were created by Tv series. Some of the mixes are not easy to find today.

Unfortunately, I can’t find the back artwork to this volume. If you guys can help, it would be highly appreciated.

01 Candy Shop (Kris Di Angelis Kick Ass White Label)
02 4 Minutes (Salsa Remix)
03 Give It 2 Me (Gui Farina Hell Remix)
04 Heartbeat (Remember The Past Remix)
05 Miles Away (Skin Bruno Forbidden Mix)
06 She’s Not Me (SkyBly Enrich Version)
07 Incredible (Samuel Starburst Extended Remix)
08 Beat Goes On (Blaster Project Offer Style Mix Allan Percio Edit Mix)
09 Dance 2Night (Sandy Resek ClubDelicious Mix)
10 Spanish Lesson (Carbon 77’s Extended)
11 Devil Wouldn’t Recognize You (Demolition’s River Mix)
12 Voices (Madonnabitches Anthem Mix)

Mad The Art Series Vol 1 Hard Candy

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