Exclusive MAXIM ANDREEV Greatest Remixes (4CD Collection)

The Real Music Divas is proud to release another exclusive, created by Driekus Chaterlain. It is focused on the magnificent work by Maxim Andreev. simply fabulous!

In Driekus Words:

IT IS JUNE 2017..
And lets just release this a day early…
Maxim Andreev Greatest Remixes
I worked on this in May..
With the corporation of Maxim himself.
And i must say i am very very pleased with the end result.
So get out of your seat put on this album and dance dance dance………
You will love it as much as i do.
Have a great day
Maxim Andreev Greatest Remixes

Just Join Music is My Life – Divas and Other Beings !!!

Listen to some of Maxim`s work below:

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