Exclusive! // Mike Danavan – A Vampire DJ Interviewed by a BAT !

Mike Danavan Interview

It was a pleasure and surprise to me to realize i could rescue this post and bring it back to life! It was first pubished 5 years ago, by TVSeries. And featuring a great interview to Mike Danavan! I tought these files were lost…but, i was wrong!

Enjoy the original post below!

MIML ( Now The Real Music Divas ) exclusive interview to Mike Danavan:

I feel Mike ‘Mickey’ Danavan a friend, I know him since around 10 years ago. I can’t be objective for presenting him to you, that’s why I made an interview to him.
I met him from his firsts Madonna’s remixes (he remixed almost her full discography!!!) but later I started to appreciate the remixes for other loved artists he usually does: Michael Jackson, Depeche Mode, Britney, Kylie and a loooong list.

Sensitive, funny, loved, friendly. How do I introduce Mike Danavan to people who don’t know him yet…?
An interview was my idea.
I sent him the questions and the result is this amazing, interesting and funny report.

He sent me this mp3. It’s so Mickey Danavan, transparent; that I decided to not post a transcription, but the audio.
Know this fantastic Dj, Mixer, Producer, personally, in his own words!

DOWNLOAD the Interview HERE:
Mike Interview

For reference guide, these were the questions …

Tell us where do you live, age if you want.
What do you do beyond the music?
Are you a DJ in nightclubs?
When you started remixing and why?
Do you remember your first Remix?
What was the remix you made that has given you more satisfaction?
And the one unlistened, the one more painful?
What is the first thing you think before you choose a song to remix? The artist, the song, to put a new rhytm…
What techniques or programs are you using?
How do you select a modern rhythm section keeping the theme chosen?
Who do you remix you usually, perhaps not published?
Who will you NEVER remix?
What is your favorite musician or singer?
Is there any favorite song too?
Do you have an outstanding remix you have ever been resolved?
Do you think Madonna has heard some of your mixes?
if she found it by chance, What’s the first thing to you say her?
What about your mixes, Do you tell her something special about?

In the 80’s we usually talk about the Madonna’s Kingdom and still now, in the 90’s may be Janet, Britney and others …Princesses ?… Beyond sales, the past decade really marked a special artist for dance music? or we are filled with fun pieces for the queen and these princesses …

Which of the new mini divas of this new decade has a future?
What sets Mike Danavas as Diva?
Do you think Internet ruined or improved the music business?
Do you think the Web has given you something? your website, your remixes posted on blogs …
Is there any benefit on this?
How does it feel to be Mike Danavan?
The first vinyl you bought …
and the latest CD and DVD you bought …
What will be the last remix to do?
Favorite Music style
Favorite Perfume
Does love exist?
Define your music with a color ….
Do you think you’re an Icon in any sense?
What would you tell to the people not wondered here?

Thanks Dear Mike. I’ve enjoyed to make this … ! too much fun!

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