Exclusive : THE 50 Sexiest Men To Follow On Instagram During 2019

We are proud to release as an exclusive something a bit diferent.

Thanks to that amazing Instagram Page BEARDEDHAIRYSCRUFFHUNKS_ !

This iscredible page is dedicated to the Male Beauty, more specifically, to beards, scruff, hairy guys. Fitness, healthy lifestyle, nutrition, photography, art. It is simply incredible and highly recomended!

They have created a Top 50 , based on their Weekly Top 20 statistics, during 2018. THese are the real guys to be followed on 2019:


@ares_nico85 is the ⬆️50th⬆️most popular stud of 2018!He is an Italian Nurse, gay and nerd, in his own words.He is been away lately from us, but we expect much more in 2019!

 @dont_beshy is the ⬆️49th⬆️ most popular stud of the year!He is an industrial engineer from Quebec.Its incredible that he is at this position, because we have stopped featuring him a long time ago!

 Andrey Lunin is the 48th most popular hunk of the year.@mrlunin lives in New York City, interests are art, design.

@jakejacob01 is the ⬆️47th⬆️ most popular stud of the year!Jake is a medical doctor who started charting later in the year. He achieved number 1 too.So… we PREDICT a lot more of him in 2019!

 @tuval_sh is revealed as being the ⬆️46th⬆️ most beloved guy of the year!He is from Israel, loves fitness. He is a bartender and Law/Business student.This Kosher material has already achieved Top 1

Travis is the ⬆️45th⬆️ most POPULAR  hunk of the year.@roccosoar is the founder of Soar Clothing. He is a businessman, designer and husbear.This year we received a direct message from someone. That person was asking to be featured. That maybe he wouldnt fit, BECAUSE WE ARENT ALL ROCCOSOARS!!!Congrats Travis for being an inspiration to many!

@hugoajm_ is the ⬆️44th⬆️ most popular guy of the year.Hugo was pretty active during the first months of the year on our profile.We kinda miss him.Oh yeah!!!

@knoxpeake is the ⬆️43rd⬆️ most loved stud of the year!Knox is this sexy hairy ginger, who loves adventure, and nature!Comgratulations!

@pakozoic is the ⬆️42nd⬆️ most loved stud of this year.He has achieved the number 1 .He is a paleontologist and athlete.We will surely have much more from him in 2019

Photo BY @cleverprimeuk 


Wow! Surprise!@stradidarius__ is the ⬆️41st⬆️ most popular hunk of the week!Its been a while since this sales assistant has been featured. Why?!Will tell you guys a secret: because There was a time his photos became too hot for our account, honestly!So… check Darius out!!

We enter the Top 40 with @danigarrido24 , the ⬆️40th⬆️ most popular stud of the year.Dani has always loved us, always tagging us! And we love him even more for that!

@mat_brooks is the ⬆️39th⬆️ most loved stud of the year.Mat is a business entrepeneur from Nashville, that has been really loved during 2018.Elliot is the ⬆️38th⬆️ most beloved hunk of this year.

Elliot is the ⬆️38th⬆️ most beloved hunk of this year.@gingerpup91  is  a ginger, artist ( you should follow the link to his shop, in his bio) and gympup that we love.We also adore that from time to time he remembers us!

@daveyblueeyes is the ⬆️37th⬆️ most loved guy of the year. He is from London, and our friends here prefer the hairy furry chest version.He was already a weekly Top 1, and from time to time, he remembers to love us too.

Rob is the ⬆️36th⬆️ most loved stud of the year.@mr_speare is a learning disabilities nurse,  a yogi and a fan of functional fitness.He was already a weekly Top 1… and, from time to time,  he supports us too

@hairplay63z is the ⬆️35th⬆️ most LOVED hunk of the year.He is a single American hairstylist who loves food and his dog.He charted well but his account was disabled. He returned a few months ago

@ohmyfred is the ⬆️34th⬆️ most popular stud of the year.Federico is a digital influencer and a nurse, from Rome.He has been away from our charts recently.Congratulations!Happy new year!

@willeebear is the lucky ⬆️33rd⬆️ most popular hunk of the year.He adores tatoos and music, mainly Madonna, Lana Del Rey and Rihanna.He is a sexy scorpio, and was a weekly Top 1 back in 2017.He remains a favorite. The fact that his profile is private prevents us of having him more with us!!

@obaid_habibi is the ⬆️32nd⬆️ most popular hunk of the year.We dont know much about him, besides that he is really handsome. His bio doesnt say anything,and he usually doesnt talk much.We have started featuring him later in the year, so this really is an amazing position.

Here he is, @raphaelroj , the ⬆️31st⬆️ most popular stud of the year!He is proud to be himself; and a venezuelan with a galician heart. He is one of the most supportive guys on our shrine, and we apreciate it.We also love his sensitivity  and handsome looks.

@yesutoro is the ⬆️30th⬆️ most cherished hunk of the week.In his bio we can see he is a determined person, who knows what he wants.He achieved the Top 1 in our weekly charts and he is generally adored.

 Proud to reveal that @helalat is the ⬆️29th⬆️ most popular stud of 2018.He is a persian latino, into art, modeling and dancing. And… LOVE!He is one of our oldest followers and friends too.

@mlnvts is the ⬆️28th⬆️ most popular stud of 2018.He is from Budapest and lives in Berlin. His instagram is about selfies and travel pics.He was a weekly Top 1.

@gabe4pay is the ⬆️27th⬆️ most popular stud of 2018.Newest followers may be astonished with this high position for Gabe, since he hasnt been featured lately.Yet, he was quite popular at the beginning of the year.Theres little information about him.

@drake_000 is the ⬆️26th⬆️ most popular stud of 2018.Drake is a bit nomad and a little gypsy.This adult entertainer has peaked in number 1 for 2 times.

@niks_shape_up is the ⬆️25th⬆️ most popular stud of 2018.Dominik was the first Top one of the year.He is the perfect online coach for you, with another profile too @rocco__1989.Fit, beefy, hairy… you name it, you have it!


Martin is the ⬆️24th⬆️ most loved stud of 2018.@pieromg is an engineer who works in digital marketing. He is 28 years old, and is one of the rare guys from Peru sending submissions.

Matt is the ⬆️23rd⬆️ most popular stud of 2018.@mischieviousmatt was quite popular during the first months of the year, til the middle.He loves life and he is available to colaborate with talented photographers.

!FRANcisco is the ⬆️22nd⬆️ most popular hunk of 2018.@fj_alv is a spanish medical doctor and mister gay spain. This creates a fantastic paradox that really atracts,right?!He started charting later in the year, yet with an amazing strengh, being already a weekly Top 1.We are expecting much more from him this year!

Photo By @breatypes

Bremen Menelli is the ⬆️21st⬆️ most popular stud of 2018.Bremen is a pro athlete as is a 2018 WBFF New York City Champ.He has peaked in number one on our weekly charts.

We have finally reached the Top 20.@marius_uta is the ⬆️20th⬆️ most loved stud of 2018.His instagram profile focus mainly on lifestyle, sports, fashion, traveling and himself, as a person who lives with hope.Marius has peaked in number 1 for 2 times in our weekly Top 20!

Alejandro is the ⬆️19th⬆️ most popular hunk of 2018.@alejaquesada is the owner of a killer smile and one of his motto is: IF YOU ARE AFRAID, DO IT! The same as Madonna. He was a Top one on our Weekly Top 20, in 2017. He didnt repeat it in 2018, yet, he remained one if your favorites, still charting high!He is one of our supporters.And he loves photography too. You should see his work on @breatypes.

Cody James Young is the ⬆️18th⬆️ most popular hunk of 2018.@codyjyoung loves LOVE!He is into photography, modeling, activism.He peaked twice at number 1 in our weekly Top 20.

Dominic is the ⬆️17th⬆️ most loved stud of 2018.@donkeybear84 is a Jersey boy who is a spin instructor, a foodie, a gardening bear, a Dermo PA, a fantasy fanatic.He started with a very low profile but has became one of the most succesful guys of the year!

@martin_cis is the ⬆️16th⬆️ most popular stud of 2018.There is no bio available for this mistery handsomeguy.Yet, he has peaked in number 1 as far as our weekly Top 20 is concerned. He is LOVED!

Stephen Burgi is the ⬆️15th⬆️ most popular stud of 2018.@stephenjaxx is a certified personal trainer who considers himself as a fitness freak.He supports a healthy lifestyle, and loves to travel.He charted well during 2018…PRETTY WELL!

@thegaygaston is the ⬆️14th⬆️ most beloved stud of 2018.This disnerd, brony hairy guy has peaked in number 1 on our weekly Top 20.

Andrea is the ⬆️13rd⬆️ most popular stud of 2018.@insucoro86 has little information on his bio. Yet, he seems to be really PROUD of being Italian. Moreover, he has a HOT onlyfans profile!He peaked in number 1 three times on our weekly Top 20.

@xaviermuscle is the ⬆️12nd⬆️ most popular stud of 2018.He has little information on his bio, yet we can risk to say he loves photography and fitness. Muscles, above all! He has a steamy onlyfans page.He peaked in number 1 on our weekly Top 20.And… we are proud to be the only one to be tagged by him in his photos. THANK YOU!!!

Photo By @rloganphoto

@juan_henning is the ⬆️11st⬆️ most popular stud of 2018.Juan is from South Africa and is currently living in our city, Lisbon.He is into a healthy lifestyle and living life inspiring others.He has peaked in number 1on our weekly Top 20.

We are finally entering the Top 10.And we do it with @thomasthewhite , who is the ⬆️10th⬆️ most popular hunk of 2018.He is 27, has a sexy red beard and is all about coffee and feelings.He has peaked in number 1 on our weekly Top 20.

We are entering the most important positions, the single number ones. Philip is the ⬆️9th⬆️ most popular hunk of 2018.@snowboarderphil focus his account mainly on sports and muscles. Hairy ones.He has peaked twice, in number one, on our weekly Top 20.

@rego_v is the ⬆️8th⬆️ most popular stud of 2018.This British personal trainer loves to travel. Sorry guys, he is taken!He has peaked twice  in NUMBER 1 in our weekly chart.Congratulations!

Theodoro is the ⬆️7th⬆️ most loved stud of 2018.He remains our personal favorite greek god.@theomaheo is a freelance architect , a summer lover, a troublermaker, a designer…Theo has been in number one in 2017. He didnt repeat it yet, but he is the guy with the record weeks charting, 26!Last… he always support us, by tagging, creating stories, promoting.

Luca is the ⬆️6th⬆️ most loved stud of 2018.@lucavdw is a big boy, with 90 kg and 1,90 metres tall!He is the proud owner of @fighterharness .He peaked twice in number one.

Takir is the ⬆️5th⬆️ most popular stud of the week.@go__hard__go__home__ loves fitness, to travel and the gym.Its been months since we dont feature him, so you can guess he was quite popular during the first months of 2018, even peaking twice in number one.Congratulations. 

Teddy is the ⬆️4th⬆️ most loved stud of 2018.@mrteddybeargrr is one of the hairiest studs and he is a hot adult entertainer. We wonder if you have already seen him in action…He achieved number two several times,and he is constantly supporting us.

@jonathan_david_topper opens our Top 3. He is the ⬆️3rd⬆️ most loved hunk of 2018. And a personal favorite.He is 31 and a proud  mediterranean. He is married and loves to travel.He peaked in number 1, on our weekly Top 20, and he is the second recordist, as far as weeks are concerned.

@kraken_off is the ⬆️2nd⬆️ most cherished stud of 2018.He is 29, he adores the beach, sports, and of course, being happy.He charted really well , and peaked in number 1.We confess we hated to see his beard go… ha ha ha !

Photo By @__malecharism__

EVERYTHING STOPS!!! Finally!Michael Anthony Bucaram is the ⬆️most⬆️ popular stud of 2018, keeping the position he conquered in 2017, wow!@mikebucaram is 23, a wolf pup with an exotic mixture of lebanese and irish.He loves to travel, marketing.He was already a number one 9 times! 6 of them were the last year, 2018.







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