EXCLUSIVE The DJ AMANDA Remix Collection Presents Bitch It`s MADONNA!

Dj Amanda is one of the first Deejays to be friends of The Real Music Divas Team ( Once, Music Is My Life – Divas And Other Beings). We had the honour of releasing worldwide lots of her work. Being the most famous once an astonishing Beyonce Megamix!

We are now really happy to share in exclusive her new Megamix /Setmix . Madonna is now the focus of Amanda`s talent. Are you ready? Do you dare? If so, please stay tuned. The special release will happen this Sunday, only on two Places:

Music Is My Life – Divas And Other Beings ( Because our friendship began here)

Madonna The Supreme Real Music Diva ( Because, It is Madonna)

House – Mixes ( Because it is Amanda “Hone”)

Link to those that are complaining they cant access house mixes is on the groups refered.

Thanks to Driekus chaterlain for the artwork.

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