Favourite The Confessions Tour By MADONNA – The 37 Demos And Reharsals!

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The Confessions Tour by Queen Madonna is considered by many to be her best tour ever. And this is really a huge statement, because Madonna is one of the best live performers ever!

Are you ready to get deeper into this tour?

Madonna The Supreme Real Music Diva

1. Confessions / Live To Tell
2. Drowned World
3. Erotica (Alternate Demo)
4. Erotica (Live Vocals)
5. Everybody (Playback)
6. Forbidden Love
7. Future Lovers / I Feel Love
8. Get Together (03.16.06 Playback)
9. Get Together (04.07.06 Live)
10. Get Together (Alternate)

Madonna The Supreme Real Music Diva

11. Get Together (Playback)
12. Hung Up (Playback)
13. Hung Up (04.07.06 Live)
14. I Love New York
15. Isaac
16. Jump
17. La Isla Bonita (04.10.06 Playback)
18. La Isla Bonita (Instrumental)
19. Let It Will Be
20. Like A Virgin (Alternate Demo)

Madonna The Supreme Real Music Diva

21. Like A Virgin (Live Vocals Messed Up Lyrics)
22. Like A Virgin (Live Vocals 2)
23. Like It Or Not
24. Lucky Star (Playback)
25. Lucky Star (Playback 2)
26. Lucky Star (04.07.06 Live)
27. Music Inferno (Confessions Tour Rehearsal)
28. Music Inferno (Playback Alternate)
29. Music Inferno (Playback)
30. Paradise (Not For Me) (2006.03.03 Demo)

Madonna The Supreme Real Music Diva

31. Paradise (Not For Me)
32. Ray Of Light
33. Sorry (Playback)
34. Sorry (Remix) (Backdrop Version)
35. Sorry (Remix)
36. Live To Tell (2006.03.01 Demo)
37. Future Lovers (16.03 2006 Demo)

Hope you love this historical piece of music!

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