From The Archives: AMANDA LEAR Mixed By WEN!NG (2010)

Miss Amanda Lear is a legend. This compilation of Wen!ng`s mixes on some of her songs was created back in April 2010. It is now back to life.

01 Alligator (WEN!NG’S get on the floor Remix)
02 Blood and honey (WEN!NG’S bloody salvation Mix)
03 Follow me (WEN!NG’S DiabolicMix)
04 New York (WEN!NG’S discoteria Mix)
05 The sphinx (WEN!NG’S sophisticated egypt Mix)
06 Intellectually (WEN!NG’S EQ instaed IQ Mix)
07 Japan (WEN!NG’S Kimono-Chic Mix)
08 Never trust a pretty face (WEN!NG’S never trust a pretty Mix)
09 Oh. boy (WEN!NG’S summerbeach Mix)
10 Fantasy (WEN!NG’S stimulation Mix)
11 Diamonds (WEN!NG’S 1000 Karat Mix)
12 Loveboat (WEN!NG’S Captain Kent Mix)

Amnd Lear Mixed by wening April 2010

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