From The Archives: MYLENE FARMER vs. MADONNA The Supreme MashUps

“The Supremes Mashups” is another collection from the archives. It includes fourteen mashups between Madonna and Mylene Farmer. I am sure someone created an artwork in the past, but I cant find it. Otherwise, this post would fit our exclusives section. It has been a while since this was available online.

01 MF vs Madonna (Erotica XXL by DJ Giac)
02 MF vs Madonna (Give It 2 Me Mash Up)
03 MF vs Madonna (Give Degeneration 2 Me Devil FeeL Mashup)
04 MF vs Madonna (Frozen, Innamoramento by DJ Giac)
05 MF vs Madonna (L’Instant X vs Jump Junior Sanchez Misshapes Mix vs Ramon Zenker Club)
06 MF vs Madonna (Miles away vs Libertine Anthem by Devilfeel)
07 MF vs Madonna (Puisque vs Frozen Manu’s Mix)
08 MF vs Madonna (PQSD vs Devil wouldn’t recognize you)
09 MF vs Madonna (You’ll See, Ainsi Soit Je… by DJ Giac)
10 MF vs Madonna (Ame Stram Gram Die another Day by DJ Giac)
11 MF vs Madonna (Ligeia’s Luscious Secret Remix)
12 MF vs Madonna (Ligeia’s Music Icon Mix)
13 MF vs Madonna (L’instant X – Saint Ken’s Die Another Day Club Revenge XXX)
14 MF vs Madonna (MMM Megamix By DiegoMinogue – Part 2)

Mylen and M@do

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