HOLLY JOHNSON New Single “Ascension” : Lyric Video

Holly Johnson has a new single called “Ascension”. It is part of the Original Soundtrack of the movie ‘Fly – Songs Inspired by the film Eddie The Eagle’. The album is assembled by Gary Barlow and it will include original songs by artists mostly related with the eighties:

1. Holly Johnson , “Ascension”
2. Howard Jones , “Eagle Will Fly Again”
3. Marc Almond, “Out of the Sky”
4. Tony Hadley, “Moment”
5. Midge Ure, “‘Touching Hearts and Skies”
6. Nik Kershaw, “The Sky’s the Limit”
7. ABC, “Living Inside My Heart”
8. Kim Wilde, “Without Your Love”
9. Andy Bell, “Fly”
10. Go West, “Determination”
11. Heaven 17 , “Pray”
12. Paul Young, “People Like You”
13. Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman, “Thrill Me”

I honestly think that most of these artists are still working and releasing albums or songs, so I really do not think they should be associated with past success. Andy Bell has just released a new album. Kim Wilde, Marc Almond or Holly Johnson have recent releases. And…Miss Kim Wilde never stopped being part of my life!

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