How Far Can Your Love For Madonna Go?

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According to ITV news (please, follow the link on the embedded Twitter), a Madonna fan is spending lots of money to be a lookalike of the Diva. Analyzing the picture above, we can say he is doing a fantastic job.

I love Madonna. But i must say i love myself more. I love the differences between all of us. Thats a big reason why living is so interesting and a continuous challenge. I respect this man decision. As i respect of other human beings, who try to look like Ken or Barbie, for example.

Anyway. I thought the above image to be quite interesting. And the Psychological Phenomena that leads people to act like this too.

I just wish that, whatever you do, whomever you admire, please DO NOT forget that you are special. In your own way, you are perfect, because there is no one equal to you.

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