Innovative “Please” Album By PET SHOP BOYS Is 30 Years Old!

“Please” by wonder duo, Pet Shop Boys was released thirty years ago. It seems that we, the “Pop Kids” are getting old. The debut album by the boys saw the day of light back on 24 March 1986. It sold 3 000 000 copies all over the world.

The original tracklist was the following:

Two divided by zero
West End girls
Opportunities (let’s make lots of money)
Love comes quickly
Opportunities (reprise)
Tonight is forever
I want a lover
Later tonight
Why don’t we live together?

“West End Girls” was the presentation single of the duo and was an immediate classic. “Opportunities”, “Love Comes Quickly” and “Suburbia” joined the Vip Club too. “Tonight Is Forever” was featured on Liza Minelli`s album, “Results” and it is now also considered a favourite.

Please was re-released on 4 June 2001 (as were most of the group’s albums up to that point) as Please/Further Listening 1984–1986.

Further Listening 1984–1986 Tracklist:

“A man could get arrested” (twelve-inch B-side) – 4:11
“Opportunities (Let’s make lots of money)” (full-length original seven-inch) – 4:36 *
“In the night” – 4:51
“Opportunities (Let’s make lots of money)” (original twelve-inch mix) – 7:00 *
“Why don’t we live together?” (original New York mix) – 5:14 *
“West End girls” (Dance Mix) – 6:39
“A man could get arrested” (seven-inch B-side) – 4:51
“Love comes quickly” (Dance mix) – 6:50
“That’s my impression” (Disco mix) – 5:19
“Was that what it was?” – 5:17
“Suburbia” (The Full Horror) – 8:58
“Jack the lad” – 4:32
“Paninaro” (Italian remix) – 8:38

Please, have the pleasure of listening to the entire Further Listening Edition below:

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