KYLIE MINOGUE Kiss Me Once – B-Sides & Unreleased

Kiss Me Once f

Kiss Me Once b

I bought Kylie Minogues`latest great effort,” Kiss Me Once” when it was released, one year ago. During the last two weeks, I have been listening to it a lot, once more. Coincidence or not, my friend Anthony Spears from LUCKYSTAR MUSIC decided to post a B-Sides And Unreleased tracks from “Kiss Me Once”. I do not believe in coincidences, so this time I must me grateful to the universe.

In Anthony Words:

Here are all the b-sides and unreleased tracks so far leaked either on purpose or not from the Kiss Me Once album sessions. Also, tracks like Higher, Skirt and Timebomb recorded between the gap of Aphrodite and Kiss Me Once albums but not featured on a Kylie album. The tracks Glow, Wait, Break This Heartbreak and Chasing Ghosts are newly released tracks by Kylie herself as free downloads that are featured in a mini movie during her Kiss Me Once tour.


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