Legendary BETTE DAVIS – The Singer!

Bette Davis is my favourite actress. As a matter of fact, I adore this lady. Always have, since I was a child and used to watch all her movies. So it’s not a strange fact to me that sometimes Bette used to sing. Who doesn’t know that she had done a creepy performance of ” I`ve Written A Letter To Daddy” on the classic movie ” Whatever Happened To Baby Jane”?!

But i was never aware that Bette had published an Album called Miss Bette Davis! It was with a glorious surprise that i found it today, at LuckyStar Music! Thanks so much to Anthony Spears for making my day. This was a really important discovery to me. I am listening to it right now. It is as if Bette is alive to me again! Bette has a strange and unique voice and she shows she is aware of that on this recording! As the best actress ever the fact doesn’t surprise me.

Miss Bette Davis

Listen to the entire album HERE

And watch some Bette Davis performances below:

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