Legendary Julie Andrews Meets Gaga – Oscars 2015


Lady Gaga did pretty well at the Oscars 2015 ceremony, singing a medley of songs from the classic and eternal movie, “The Sound Of Music”. in fact, and as much as I hate writing this, she was brilliant.

Writing the few words that this post includes, is a bit of a challenge to me. I don’t like Lady Gaga. I adore Julie Andrews. Seeing them associated in any way, kind of confuses me. I tend to think it is a promotional technique from Gaga, but who doesn’t use it nowadays? Even if it is, she revealed her talent while singing. She was emotional, her voice was clear, powerful and at the same time, tender.

I still didn’t watch the Oscars Ceremony. I had to do my “beauty sleep”. Yet, the first thing I did in the morning, was to check the winners and the most important moments. First thing i checked, was that Julianne Moore really won the Oscar for best actress. Yes! Finally! She is one of my favourite contemporary actresses, along with Jessica Lange, Sigourney Weaver and Nicole Kidman.

While reading the news, I noticed that the name of Julie Andrews was being referred, as also was ” The Sound Of Music”. I was immediately curious about it, and I was faced with a video, with Gaga`s performance. Afraid of watching it, I clicked the play button, and I was wonderfully surprised. I was touched. The standing ovation was deserved.

On the top of it, there she is. The legendary Diva: Miss Julie Andrews. She appears from behind, and she hugs Gaga. Both are emotional. And the video and pictures documenting the moment are now viral. Apparently, it isn’t only me who felt that intense moment.

Julie Andrews is a lady, in every aspect. I read a few years ago that she was facing some health issues, related to her throat. She was advised not to sing. I do not know if this was a rumour. Anyway, I was deeply sad when I read it. Miss Julie is part of my childhood, with ” The Sound Of Music” or “Mary Poppins”. I remember that watching the first at cinemas, with my parents, was a yearly ritual. I must have seen it at least a dozen of times.

At the present, I admire her for being who she is and what she represents. Class, attitude, talent, history. In resume, she really is the prototype of a diva. Well, with the exception of not being too extravagant.

Obviously, I had my daily morning bath listening to “The Sound Of Music” soundtrack. And it was the perfect way of starting the day. ” My Favourite Things” should be our daily hymn. It is a really simple and effective track, with a positive message. Thanks, Julie Andrews. And…well…I have to write this…thank you, Lady Gaga. Ufff……

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