MADONNA Brit Awards 2015 – She Fell…So WHAT?!

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Madonna was brilliant as expected, few minutes ago, at the Brit Awards. I had the privilege of discovering that youtube was streaming the show. I still had the chance to watch the final of Paloma Faith`s performance. And the pleasure to watch Madonna. And to see her fall, at the beginning of her “Living For Love” rendition. I confess i am a little nervous while writing this.

Madonna is a perfectionist. When I saw what was happening, I got this urge to protect her, to help in some way. She must be a wreck right now.

“I get up again, over and over” was a line of her “Over And Over” song, included on her ” Like A Virgin ” album. Right now, only a few minutes after the fall had happened, #poormadonna is already the top trending on Twitter, Can you believe this?!

Madonna has shown that she knows what she is doing. She didn’t stop, and she kept on singing her new hit. Unfortunately, no one will talk about the song. Everyone will talk about what happened. Some people may even be happy with what happened.

Apparently, and I am writing this before reading any review of the performance, Madonna used more his own vocals here that at the Grammies. At first, I have to say I had the impression she was a bit nervous, few seconds right before the fall. Was something happening wrong? The choreography was beautiful and inspired, with some surprise effects. I loved everything.

Right now, I am worried about Madonna, can you believe this? How will she react? What people will say about her?

Madonna, I love you. Thanks for being a BIG and IMPORTANT part in my life!

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