MADONNA In Lisbon – The Art Of Hiding Of A Real Diva

Madonna is in Lisbon. As a Portuguese guy, i was not expecting this. The DIVA, the legend is visiting my city, and this time not in tour!

Madonna started posting some pics of her twin daughters on Instagram. And soon, people started to realize they were taken in Lisbon.

Daily news about Madonna are now on all Portuguese newspapers and TV!

Aparently, the Icon visited already the beautiful Sintra, Oceanário De Lisboa ( Part of Expo 1998), Parque Eduardo Sétimo and the Lycée Français Charles Lepierre ( Maybe to enlist her daughers).

She is staying at Hotel Ritz and her son David is traing football on Benfica! Will he be part of the professional Junior team?

News report that Madonna is searching for a house to live in Lisbon! Really?!

What i think is more amazing and incredible, is that reporters or Paparazzi still werent able to take a single picture of THE DIVA! How is she achieving it?!?

Once again, Madonna shows to the entire world whhat a real legend is made off, right?

Stay tuned! More news on the way! This is really exciting! MADONNA is here!!!!!

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