MADONNA “Music Box” – The New 2016 Project By IDAHO

Finally, we all have access to the full “Music Box” project by Idaho. It is another precious tribute to queen Madonna. Full of less known remixed tracks:

01 two steps behind me (idaho copycat mix) 6’27
02 across the sky (idaho out of time mix) 6’45
03 your honesty (idaho french breakbeat mix) 6’49
04 arioso (idaho connaisseur mix) 8’26
05 la petite jeune fille (idaho synth riff mix) 6’30
06 never let you go (idaho dancing with myself mix) 7’01
07 like a flower (idaho dramatic chillout mix) 7’06
08 trust no bitch (idaho bitchy springy mix) 6’31
09 it’s so cool (idaho shining love mix) 7’17
10 keep the trance (idaho make it alright mix) 5’40
11 mysore style (idaho night traveller mix) 6’52


It includes another great full artwork, as you can confirm above, right?


If you want to know more about Idaho, Click Here!

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