MADONNA Tears Of A Clown – The Full Show + 9 Reasons To Get Emotional

I still did not watch the entire show. I confess I am demanding and I hate bad quality videos. I am talking about “Tears Of A Clown” full show on video. Delivered by wonderful, marvellous, talented and challenging Madonna – The Diva.

Below you can watch the full show, thanks to Madonnarama for making this available. You can also check the entire setlist and some higher quality videos that I am adding as soon as they are available. And…why? Because this show is all about emotions! So…what are the main reasons to get emotional with Tears Of A Clown?

1) It is one more historical mark in a prodigal career;

2) Madonna dares to challenge what people expect from her;

3) Madonna makes fun of herself when she performs the entire show impersonating a clown. She has a sense of humour!

4) The SetList is focused on some amazing tunes that can bring us to tears;

5) “Borderline” or “Holiday” are reworked in a way we can feel them in a honest perspective;

6) Thank god Madonna is not Katy Perry;

7) Madonna is music. Music is art;

8) Madonna is a mother who is suffering right now;

9) She has a voice that can create emotions.

Another Full Video Of The Show:

A new Footage with high quality:

00 Intro Circus Music
01 Send in the clown (Judy Collins cover)

02 Drowned World/Substitute for love

03 X Static process
04 Between the bars (Elliot Smith cover)

05 Nobody is perfect

06 Easy ride
07 Intervention

08 I’m so stupid
09 Paradise (Not for me)

10 Joan of arc
11 Don’t tell me
12 Mer girl

13 Borderline

14 Take a bow

15 Holiday

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