MADONNA “Where Life Begins” Is A Present Masterpiece + 3 Mixes

“Erotica”, Madonna`s album dated from 1992 shocked the world when it was released and it is now considered a masterpiece. Yesterday I was shocked to discover it was being sold by 3 Euros! Along with ” Hard Candy”, “American Life” and ” Music”!

Last week I had a listen to the “Erotica” album, something I didn’t do for some time now. This album brings great memories. I was really happy at the time, so it is always a great experience. I think this piece of art is still quite relevant in 2015.

“Where Life Begins” astonished me once more. The lyrics are amazing, the overall concept is brilliant; the jazzy sounds. The song is really brilliant, maybe one of the best from the Diva. So you´d better take this seriously because they are the words of a Madonna Die Hard fan!

“Where Life Begins”

Warm inside, yeah
I’d like to direct your attention
To something that needs directing to
A lot of people talk about
Dining in and eating out
I guess that’s what this song’s about

I know this is not a dining room conversation
And you don’t have to listen if you don’t have the time
But let me remind you in case you don’t already know
Dining out can happen down below


Everybody’s talkin’ ’bout
Wanting that and needing this
I’d just like to know
If you want to learn a different kind of kiss


So won’t you go down where it’s warm inside
Go down where I cannot hide
Go down where all life begins
Go down that’s where my love is

Now what could be better than a home cooked meal
How you want to eat it depends on how you feel
You can eat all you want and you don’t get fat
Now where else can you go for a meal like that
It’s not fair to be selfish or stingy
Every girl should experience eating out
Sometimes when I come home from a hard day at work
I swear it’s all I can think about

[bridge, substituting “way to” for “kind of”] [chorus]

Colonel Sanders says it best
“Finger lickin’ good”
Let’s put what you’ve learned to the test
Can you make a fire without using wood
Are you still hungry; aren’t you glad we came
I’m glad you brought your raincoat
I think it’s beginning to rain

[bridge, substituting “way to” for “kind of”] [chorus, repeat]

That’s where my love is
Come inside
That’s where all life begins
It’s warm inside

The lyrics are all bright, intelligent and metaphorical. Maybe this is the perfect soundtrack to make love…

Enjoy three mixes of the song below, by LoveBlonde, Luke and the DeepHunger one:

Madonna-Where Life Begins (Deep Hunger Mix)

Madonna – Where Life Begins (2013 Mix)

Where life begins (Lukes extended)

Guys, I think it´s beginning to rain!

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