MELISSA ETHERIDGE Is Gigantic and Titanic on “This Is M.E.” ( 9 Points Out Of 10)




Melissa Etheridge`s new Album, ” This Is M.E.” really is a gigantic and titanic (Excerpt taken from her “Monster” lyrics) effort. And these aren’t the words of a fan. Or at least, they weren’t. From all of Melissa`s albums, I only have her compilation and “Never Enough” (1992). And I tried to listen to some of her songs often.

“This Is M.E.” has taken me by surprise. From the very first start. Songs like “I Won’t Be Alone Tonight”, “Take My Number”, ” ALittle Hard Hearted” or ” Monter” are simply incredible. Maybe she sounds more radio friendly, but this fact doesn’t seem to betray her own identity.

The album is still based on Melissa Rock roots, which is a plus, adding to it plenty of emotion. She refers to loneliness, to love and to hope quite often. The voice remains powerful and emotional. The chorus that were added to some songs fit quite well.

Melissa is a real artist who knows what she does. I just wish some of the younger ladies could learn from her.

Overall, after giving points to each one of the songs included in “This Is M.E”, I give 9 points to this masterpiece.

No. Title Length
1. “I Won’t Be Alone Tonight” 4:28 (10 Points)
2. “Take My Number” 3:55 (10 Points)
3. “A Little Hard Hearted” 3:49 (10 Points)
4. “Do It Again” 2:59 (7,5 Points)
5. “Monster” 3:29 (10 Points)
6. “Ain’t That Bad” 3:12 (8 Points)
7. “All The Way Home” 4:14 (9 Points)
8. “Like A Preacher” 4:05 (9,5 Points)
9. “Stranger Road” 3:25 (8 Points)
10. “A Little Bit Of Me” 3:26 (7,5 Points)
11. “Who Are You Waiting For” 4:09 (9,5 Points)

Total length:

[hide]Target Exclusive bonus tracks
No. Title Length
12. “Favorite Song”
13. “What I Do”
14. “Soul Brothers”
15. “Saturday Dancing”

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