MELISSA FRASER The Talented Diva With The Voice Of An Angel

Be ready to discover this beautiful project by Melissa Fraser with Edits by Dj Betty.
The Extended Late Night Dance Singles is a reworked version of the second Album by Melissa:

Hailing from Brisbane, QLD, Melissa Fraser has been gracing stages
both at home and abroad for almost two decades.
Much of that time has seen Melissa injecting her unforgettable vocals
and brandishing her bass in the back line, appearing for artists as
diverse as Jackie Marshall, Mick Medew (The Screaming Tribesman),
Sue Ray, We All Want To (Tim Steward) and The Naked Apes.
‘Stay On The Road’, Melissa’s second solo effort, is the eagerly-awaited
follow-up album to 2015’s ‘Crooked Purple Lines’.
Produced in Tamworth by Leigh Ivin, ‘Stay On The Road’ is a
country-oriented album, infused with the Mel’s signature pop stylings.
Melodic hooks and harmonies plus pedal steel guitar, banjo and fiddle
all come together to create a menu of songs and styles to be instantly
enjoyed by lovers of music young and old.

Please watch the Video from “Stay On The Road”:

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