NAZIA HASSAN The Disco Diva From Pakistan

I am always eager to find new music and new singers, from the past, present and future times. Today I get my first acquaintance with Nazia Hassan, and I liked it. This mixture of disco and Hindu vibes is really irresistible to me!

Nazia was born on April 3, 1965, in Pakistan, she spent her teenage years in London; released her first album, “Disco Deewane”, in 1980, an album that became an instant hit with the title song reaching the top of the Pakistani charts.

On August 13th, 2000 Nazia Hassan died of lung cancer in a London hospital at age 35.

Enjoy the Video of her instant hit, ”Disco Deewane”:

The tracklist from this classic is the following:

A1 Aao Na
A2 Disco Deewane Part I
A3 Lekin Mera Dil
A4 Mujhe Chahe
A5 Komal
B1 Tere Kadmon Ko
B2 Dil Mera
B3 Dhundhli Raat
B4 Gayen Milkar
B5 Disco Deewane Part II

Bonus Track: Disco Deewane (Long Version)

Enjoy the complete rare to find Album here:

Nazia_Hassa_Disco Deewane (Disco Hindu) 1980 Lp

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