OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN Fans Fight For Their Diva In Our Music Poll – Peace!


We decided to create a Best Music Divas Ever Poll two months ago. Every time the month ends i create a post with the present results and i post it on some Facebook groups. This idea is simply having some fun, and t create a funny competition. It would be great if Music fans would join their efforts together to celebrate music itself and all the female singers. And i consider myself happy as far as that aim is concerned, because it is happening with all fans, from the more Diva style (Dame Shirley Bassey) to the anti-diva concept (Melissa Etheridge).

Olivia Newton-John fans are a good example, as you can see the picture that i discovered! On the negative side, i am astonished with SOME Barbra Streisand fans mainly. They are being offensive, unfortunately. Not in the same scale, some Annie Lennox, Deborah Harry and Mariah Carey had also reacted in a non polite way. It is a pity. i love all these ladies that i referred, each one with her style and own and unique talent.

Guys, lets respect our idols and lets respect each other. Music is to make the people come together, right?


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