Olivia Newton-John: The comeback that got railroaded by Cancer. 2 new remixes

The come back that never had a chance to be realised was, for Olivia Newton-John, low on her list of priorities in 1992. A diagnosis of cancer changed everything. The world tour was canceled and Back To Basics – The Essential CollectionOlivia Newton-John Not Gonna Be The One (Mirror Ball's Emergency Remix) 1971-1992, which was released to remind people that Olivia was still around, failed to ignite as all publicity and promotion was shut down in order to give ONJ time to KICK CANCER’S ASS!!

Olivia Newton-John's cancer fight who magazine


The four new songs selected to open the greatest hits package, I Need Love (of which a mammoth remix is in the works), I Wanted To Be Wanted  and the two songs that would’ve done well had they had a chance to fly were the first commercial tracks release by Newton-John since 1988’s The Rumour. The strongest of these is ‘Not Gonna Be The One’. I’ve taken Ghassemi’s remix of Emergency and worked this killer track into something new and fresh and the bridge is reworked and extended so Olivia fans will LOVE it.

Olivia Newton John Not Gonna Be The One 1992 geffen records Mirror Ball's Emergency Remix)


The other track is the Diane Warren penned, ‘Deeper Than A River’, which show cased Olivia’s strong vocals but was no match for the hits Warren had been writing for Cher and Celine Dion. With no video or promotion (due, of course, to Olivia’s cancer diagnosis) it shouldn’t have stood a chance but miraculously returned Olivia to the Top 20 of the Adult Contemporary singles chart in the US. I’ve transformed Deeper Than A River with the help of A.N.D.Y’s remix of Freedom, What For? breathing (I think) new life into a forgotten gem.

mirror ball remix olivia newton john deeper than a river

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